Breaded Busting

'Lightning Pastries'. That's what the sign said. A better sign would've said 'Pastry Shop that'll completely make you weak from hunger because it smells so good'. "That smells REALLY good..."

"First things first! Make sure to give your mom's friend that recipe before you get something!"

Sabrina looked down at her hip, annoyed at the voice coming from it. "It's not life or death if it takes 5 more minutes for her to get it, you know!" And with that, she walked through the open door, taking a moment to savor the smell. It wasn't a very large shop, but it was jam packed with various goodies of both Netopian and Electopian descent. Having skipped breakfast, she was starving...which hindered the process of deciding what to get. Ugh. "Darn it...I dunno what to get..."

"Then go do what you're here for while you decide. C'mon, march!"

...Sheesh, no pity for the hungry. Oh well. She walked up to the counter, which had a lady that looked around her mother's age behind it. "Excuse me, but-"

"Sorry, we're taking a 15 minute break. I'm going to have to ask you to leave for 10 minutes until we're open again."

What the? Rejected before she can even ask about her mom's friend? Really? "Hang on a sec, I-"

"Listen, I don't care if you're hungry or what, but when this shop is on break, it's on break. Now scram!"

"Hold it!"

"No, you leave before I call the cops on you!"

"But I have to see Susan Doreko about-"

"I don't care if you're here to see me, get out! And don't think you're allowed in here again!"

...No food for Sabrina. But oh well. "Fine, whatever. SplashLady, just transfer the recipe, will ya? If we're not welcome, we're not welcome..."

"...Understood. Sending it now."

"Listen, I don't care about your recipe. I appreciate your interest, but-"

"-Susan, you may want to take a look at this...-"

"What? Is it really that great?" The woman removed her PET and took a glance at the screen's reading, which caused her to suddenly grow pale. "...Chancellor Rolls...Recipe Josephine Jetto..."

"Mind listening to me now?"

"H-How did you get this...?"

"Because Josephine Jetto is my mother, and she told me to give it to you. I'm her daughter, Sabrina."


The girl flinched at the sudden noise. "...Are you all right?"

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't really looking, so I didn't recognize you! Josephine sends me pictures of you and your brother all the time!" Before anyone could blink, the woman raced from behind the counter and gave the Netopian teenager a hug. Possibly crying. "I am so, SO sorry!"

"...It's not really THAT big a deal..."


The sounds of Sabrina's stomach suddenly caused the store owner to release her, apparently highly displeased at it. "Well, I can't have you going back to Josephine on an empty stomach. I'd never hear the end of it!" She reached over, grabbing what looked like a fish with some tissue paper. "Here! Not sure how much you know about Electopian pastries, but this is called taiyaki. It's a little like an Electopian waffle, only instead of putting syrup on it, you put other stuff inside it. It's customary to put bean paste in it, but this one just has plain ol' custard in it. Go ahead, take it! It's on the house!"

"Uh, thanks. It didn't take long for the pastry to be completely and utterly demolished. "That was really good! Thanks!"

"My pleasure!"


That...didn't sound good. Whatever it was, it came from the back. "Susan! We got a big problem here!"

"Oh, shoot! Excuse me!" And just like that, Sabrina was by herself.

"What WAS that?"

"You know, if whatever it was was caused by viruses, I think we could help her out. I think we should go take a look! If things are really bad, we can always just get shoo'd away!"

"Yeah, I think we should." And Sabrina wasted no time in heading through a door that said 'Employees Only', only to see an oven that was smoking, with Ms. Doreko and a young man with an apron near it. And that smoke was NOT coming out of the oven door. "What just happened?"

"Oh,'s this oven. It's brand new, but it's already infected with viruses...strong ones, too. I tried busting them with my Navi, but they're just way too strong."

"-Indeed. I'm still repairing myself from last time...-"

"Sounds like a problem for your shop, huh?"

"Tell us about it...this is one of the best ovens you can get for breads and pastries! It cost a fortune!"

"Well, I've got an idea! I dunno if my mom told you, but I'm actually pretty handy when it comes to virus busting! Why don't you let me give it a try?"

"...If you think you can, I won't stop you. But those aren't ordinary viruses, so if it looks even remotely too hard, don't hang around in there!"

"Don't underestimate us, now! Ready, SplashLady?" PET removed from its holster!

"Always am, Sabrina!" PET aimed towards the oven's frontal jack-in port!

"Then it's time to put our training to good use! Jack in! SplashLady, Execute!"

With her Navi back within the confines of her PET, Sabrina turned to make the walk out. "Guess I'm out. Thanks for the food, and I'll be back later!"

"Thank you...seriously, you have no idea how much this means to this shop..."

"Don't worry about it! Bye!" Not that she wanted to rush out, but it'd take a little time to reach ACDC Town. Plus, if she stayed much longer, the smell would probably make her hungry she quickly left Lightning Pastries, and left for less appetizing locations.