A good Magi never reveals his secrets.

On the bottom floor of an apartment complex, in room 17, a red haired magician hurriedly threw on a white shirt and some black slacks, tripping over his own two legs as he hopped around his room attempting to gather his things for a day of virus busting while his navi, a puppet named Freya, just watched him trip around, crashing into various objects and nearly breaking a lamp in the process.

"GAH! Can't believe I slept in! Freya, why didn't you wake me up!?" Freya's Netop, a magician and Puppeteer by the name of Jack Magi, yelled out before hitting his big toe on the metal legs of his small bed before the puppet could reply. "I did. You didn't wake up at the alarm. You stayed up all night, not me. I went to sleep mode before 10 PM, no doubt you were up till 1 in the morning." The puppet replied after Jack had yelled bloody murder on account of his toe being smashed, quite bluntly I may add.

"Ow. Damned bed, if only I had gone with the futon, but I just HAD to get the full one instead." Jack complained as he finished getting dressed, grabbing his chips and navi and heading out locking the door behind him as he quickly found a nearby jack in port and sent his puppet into the net.
Freya moaned softly as she was being recovered by the progs that had gathered around her currently unconscious body, busily working on recovering her health. Thats what we get for not having any subchips...Ok...onto ACDC town, the chip shop there should have what we need. Jack mumbled under his breath as he jumped on the next metro towards ACDC town.
After returning home from the navi shop, Jack sat down at his desk as he looked down at the PET, double checking all the data he had compiled, deleting old things that Freya wouldn't need while creating new signatures that she would use more often. Nodding to himself that everything was good, he quietly woke up the sleeping navi and activated her new SP, which quietly snuck up on the waking navi, before sinking her teeth into Freya's leg.

Jack... Freya began, Jack responding with a simple Yes? At this point, Jack didn't have much chance to say anything else. What the fuck is this...THING?! she yelled at him, pointing at Mask, who was quietly gnawing away at her leg, already making through about half the leg. Your new SP? He said hesitantly, as the SP looked up at her master.

Would you get that finger out of my face before I gnaw it off like I've done with your leg? Mask said as she lazily got onto her hind legs, glaring at the navi, whom had used one of her arms as a quick replacement for her, now gnawed through, leg. Freya quickly retracted her hand from the psycho rat that Jack had created. Let's just...go and bust some viruses. But I need a new leg before that happens. Freya said as she looked at Mask, her replacement leg was quickly given to her and the duo jacked into netsquare.
After having his navi jack out of the net, Jack proceeded to walk out of his apartment, catching the next metro to ACDC town.
Returning home, Jack plopped down onto his bed, wondering what to do next. What to do...what to do... Jack mumbled as he held up his PET, looking at Freya face to face. How about Netfrica? Shouldn't be that bad of a place to bust in. she said, shrugging, Mask just lazily looked up at Jack. Better than doing nothing magic boy. How about it? Mask asked, her question was quickly answered by being jacked into Net City.
After his navi and her SP had jacked out of the network, Jack quickly took the metro to Scilabs. He was going to buy all the PUs that Freya could hold.