At the exit to a tall building, Alice had taken a bow towards someone inside it before turning away and letting the automatic doors slide shut. She took a few steps towards one of the nearby benches and sat down with her PET in her left hand. "Chained," she said quietly while she took her newly earned chips in her other hand, "Can you come out?"

Within a second Chained's towering appearance revealed itself as a hologram over the PET, the chains from her hands remaining attached to the PET's screen, and held her hands behind her back while pushing her chest forwards. "Yes, boss!" she exclaimed loudly, "We heading out!?"

"Ah," Alice quickly uttered, a bit taken back by Chained's voice, and the nodded. "Well, yeah..." she continued, "But don't expect too much, OK? It's only the first time... It's bound to go wrong."

"Hahahahahahaha!" bellowed Chained happily and swung a hand from behind her back to the front with a thumbs up, "Things will go alright, Alice! Just focus your trust in this giant body of mine! Now let's go!" Chained turned around, walked over towards the side of the PET and started to look around.

"Starting the chain program to log in," Alice said as she located a nearby internet point. A few seconds later a holographic chain emerged from the PET, fading away after reaching a few centimeters away from its location. Chained immediately jumped onto the chain and ran towards the point and faded away at the same point of the chain.