Mission: Strange man, strange house

"So let me get this straight, we're going to meet a strange man in a strange house and this is all perfectly fine?", the Netop questioned the navi as he got of the bus, it turned out that the destination was only a short journey from the metro station. Grey answered quite matter-of-factly soon after the bus sped of into the distance,

"Yesss... The mission post also said that we may need to be quite brave to take on whatever this mission may entail"

"Brave!?", Lex exclaimed as he took a deep gulp, not being the bravest of guys, Lex new he was in for a tough time ahead.

Calming down once again, the young man hesitantly made his way into the foyer of the apartment complex, he enquired about the location of the apartment but was only met with a hostile grunt from a jaded 40 something woman who seemed to be pointing at a map, unfortunately for Lex, said map had been graffitid over many times with various obscenities leaving Lex with a feeling of dread, "Looks like were gonna have to hunt for this guy"

45 minuets and many steps later, Lex finally sloped up to the door number contained in the location data, he proceeded to lazily knock at the door as he cursed his bad luck, wheezed to his navi, "This.... Better.... Be..... The place...."

<Knock on the door of Mr Frame>
Reaching his destination of choice, Lex braved himself to knock on the door. The hollow wood greeted his act by making the appropriate sound, which would probably be heard from inside. Then, he waited as he wheezed, out of breath. And waited. And waited. After a few minutes, it looked like the operator had been duped for some sad joke of a trick. Suddenly, a tap on the shoulder came from beside him, which would make anyone jump out of their skin.

Standing to the side of Lex was a man of average height and thin frame, hunched over just a little, enough to make him look shorter than he actually was. Large round glasses rested on his short pointed nose, the aparment complex's dim lighting obscuring the man's eyes. He was wearing a worn grey tee, short-sleeved. Black slacks hung from his legs, overall showing an image of what you could call a nerd. His most prominent feature, however, was the huge camera that he held in his frail hands, with all sorts of things tacked on to it.

"Excuse me, are you the man who took my job offer?"
Nearly jumping a mile at the unexpected touch of the mysterious figure, Lex's mind raced as he tried to guess what form of attacker he was faced with, gun toting Mafia, axe wielding psycho? As he peeked out of a pillar a couple of doors down Lex was thoroughly disappointed with the truth of the situation.

Eyeing the mysterious nerd as he made his way over to him, Lex desperately tried to find some form of oddity that he could single out but none immediately jumped to view, he held the PET up to his face and whispered into the mike while still watching the man, "This guy ain't so spooky, you got me all worked up for...", he was suddenly interrupted by the voice of Mr. Frame, he proceeded to answer him on a more audible level, "Errr yeah, I was sent here by the GNA to help you with your problem, my name is Lex, Lex Ghostly", he then held out a hesitant hand to the strange man.

[Attempt to shake hands]
The frail photographer, or whatever he was, raised an eyebrow when Lex dashed away in an instant when his hand touched Lex. ....I thought I had asked for someone unafraid. This is what I get? he thought with a skeptical face. Then, Lex had made his way back to him, and stuck out a hesitating hand in response to his earlier question. The thin man's eyebrows furrowed into a scowl as he studied his short afroed applicant, before gripping the offered hand. His grip was strong, and crushingly so, betraying his weak front. "Lex Ghostly... hm, looks like you're the one who's seen the ghost. Frame, as you know. Alexis Frame, as you don't."

Letting go of Lex's hand in a swift movement, Alexis turned to face the door Lex had knocked on earlier. He stared at it for a good long while before letting out a rather forced exhale, then turned to Lex again. "This house has no current living resident. Knocking will do no good." After that, without much fanfare, Alexis tried the doorknob. Its insistence of not going much further than a paltry twist halted his efforts, which prompted him to warn his companion, "Might want to step back."

Then, without warning, Alexis lifted his leg, held it there for a moment and unleashed a solid kick on the door. It was defeated quite easily, falling down onto the ground with a loud THUMP. Motioning for Lex to come along, he walked in nonchalantly. "Come on. I'll explain inside," the photographer called to Lex as he lit up a flashlight into the darkness, revealing, rather dimly, a short hallway.
Lex instantly regretted his kind gesture as he felt the crushing force of the weak-looking mans grip, it felt as if his very hand was about to collapse under the pressure but luckily for him, the man released his grip leaving Lex to hastily retreat backwards, his eyes moved from the man to his hand and back again, a look of disbelief filling his face, he quickly whispered to the navi, "Scratch that, this guy is wierd with a capital W".

Half listening to Alexis' explanation of the current situation in which they both stood, much of what was said simply went straight through one ear and out the other as the young man attempted to figure out the secret of the man's strength with little success, he was suddenly snapped out of his state of focus when Alexis used a specific phrase, Lex tried to pull him up on it with, "What do you mean no current living resident?", but by this time the man had already raised his leg and kicked the door in.

Cowering for a few seconds from the loud noise and splinters, Lex was only responsive after the call from the weird guy and a few encouraging words from Grey, he hesitantly made his way into the hall as he surveyed its contents, now almost completely in a state of shock, Lex blurted out the first things that came to mind, "You-you can't just kick in someone's door! T-t-there's laws... A-a-and i-i-it's just not right!
Lex followed the strange man inside, where he was waiting, rotating his flashlight's beam every which way. He seemed to be ignoring Lex's stuttered statement, instead, he seemed to be searching around for something. From the dim external lights and Alexis' rather meagre flashlight, Lex couldn't really see what kind of apartment he was in. There was a very creepy presence about the place, but he couldn't quite place it. "I only respect the unbreakable laws, Mr. Ghostly. I have no interest in following failure-ridden human 'laws'."

Seems that was his justification for breaking and entering. Strange guy. In any case, however, Alexis let out a happy cry, probably in relation to what he was looking for. A 'click' was heard, and a fluorescent light flickered over his head for a few seconds. The living room was then illuminated, leaving Lex with a clear image of what he had gotten himself into.

The apartment was run-down, with more than its fair share of cobwebs, cracked walls, and absence of tenants. What they had just walked through was the hallway leading in, the small kitchen off to the left, and what he presumed to be a bathroom off to the right. Currently, he was now in what he saw as the largest room of the apartment, probably the living area slash bedroom. To his right, he could see another smaller room, and to his front, a wall of dusty windows. Everything practically exuded creepiness, and if he wasn't being accompanied by this strange Frame gu- oh crap, where'd he go?

Oh, wait, there he is. In front of the windowed wall. How silly of him not to notice the stark figure that was standing there. Alexis Frame's figure produced a rather large shadow against the lights from outside. His arms were crossed, and he was looking directly at Lex. "You are ready, now, Mr. Ghostly? Should you decide that you are not, I will wait until you are. Should you decide that this is not the job for you, then I suggest that you leave this place with all due haste."
"Let me just consult my navi", was Lex's reply to the question put to him by the strange Mr Frame, his face filled with a large fake grim. Moving backwards and turning away from the man, Lex addressed Grey in a tone more inline with his true feelings, "You can't expect me to work with this nut job!?"

Grey was taken aback slightly by this statement. he tried to reply in a tone that would be calming to the Netop, "Well I must admit, he is a little... weird", such tactics did not work against Lex who was now in a full blown panic,

"A little? A LITTLE"!? This guy is the definition of freaky, he put the weird in weirdo!", looking over his shoulder to the man, Lex smiled and waved at him as if he had just heard everything Lex had said, which at the levels Lex was talking he probably did. Talking once again in a much quieter voice, he once again faced the navi, "We gotta get out of here before he pulls out his cuttin' axe"

"Ok, I know he freaks you out a bit, but you must bear with it, if it truly gets bad I could always message the netpolice", Grey said in an attempt to calm down the mad Netop, he continued, "just hang on in there a bit longer".

Lex sighed, standing up from his crouched position to once again face Alexis, dreading where this was going to lead him, Lex replied with, "Ok! Bring it on, I'm ready for this!", speaking as if he was trying to convince himself with his own words.
"Good, I see we have come to an agreement," the man replied, before going off to a corner and clearing some dust off a wall socket. He then brought up his camera, pointed it at the socket, and said simply, "Jack in, Ether, Transmission." Alexis turned to Lex, and motioned for him to the socket. Apparently this was where he would start?
Taking the queue from Alexis, Lex made his way towards the jack-in point he had just used, not particularly enticing due to the decay and dust that surrounded it, the port nevertheless looked in working order... Just. Rubbing a finger along the port, Lex cringed as he saw the dirt covering his finger, he looked at the other man with an expression of disbelief but when the man's face remained stiff and un-compromising, Lex sighed and whispered to his navi, "Looks like it's your turn to get your hands dirty".

[Jack in to Electown net]