Death of RE:CN

It is with a heavy heart I have to tell you all that RE:CN seems to be dead.

Courtesy of Nalerenn.

This site has the bare bones of the old, and we will do our best to continue on from where it left off. Again, all of the staff from RE:CN apologizes for this brutal blow, but rest assured we will prevail.

If you wish to know the gritty details and participate in the discussion of current events, go to this topic. Please keep it contained here, for simplicity's sake.

We also extend our deepest apologies to anyone who has lost their data. We hope that you can reconstruct most of it, and if not, we hope you'll consider registering a new character.

God Bless.

The Rockman Rogue Network Staff.
Sadly, the first thing to fall in a battle is the plan.

So... We couldn't notify everyone of the back-up in time. It sucks, I know.

What's my point?

RE:RN NEEDS YOU! If you had any other ways of contacting members, tell them the new site!

We will survive this!
I'm pretty sure this will survive. We have a bunch of the core members here already. I have lots of close friends here. I would stay even if the IC section never fired up.

There was a lot of ripoff forums, wasn't it? Those should have some members who goes to both, and thus letting us contact them. Other than that, I can't help >>
How dissappointing, Everybpdy who can contact someone on the site, do so promptly.
The main post has been updated with new links.

Once again, thanks for your understanding.
The board Is back up. I had to make a deal with Nal to get it back... but it's up.

Made him an official? Bad.

BAD move. All this does is show him that if he bitches, he can get what he wants.
Listen, at the very least, the doors are open, and you can grab all your old stuff
So do just that. If nothign else, this will become a backup in case IPB screws up and deletes the board, as they've been known to do form time to time.
And now it's dead again. At the very least, I bought us some time to get as much shit as we could and GTFO.