Rei sighed as he looked at his PET, reminding him of what happened on his last "adventure" with curseman. He thought they were strong enough to overcoem any challenges they would face, and yet when curse needed help the most, Rei failed him and was cut off from him completely. Theres been no sign of curse, no message or notice that he's ok, and no idea on how to find him. if it's even possible, that is. Rei just calmly stared at the PET screen, an image of forming data was all that appeared as his new navi was undergoing the finishing touches on it's appearance; The customizability trenn allowed him was amazing.

"ninety-nine percent, huh? your almost ready for your first day out, and yet... i need you to build you strength quickly."

As the count reach one hundred percent, Rei pulled the cord from his PET and prepared to jack the navi into the electown net, impatience filled his body as he waited for the go ahead to execute the jack in to a terminal on a nearby neon sign.

"We need to find him..."

He muttered to himself as he connected the PET, the navi data sending itself into the netowrk a second after the navi had fully configured.

"Let's go, Sylk."