As soon as she left the MetroLine station, Sabrina began surverying her surrounding. First off, it was lightly snowing. Which was good, because that meant she didn't bundle up for nothing. And second off, it was a LOT brighter than it was over in SciLab..."Ahh! Bright! Gotta let my eyes adjust...okay, that's better! I got too used to SciLab's lighting..."

"Guess it'll be a while before we go back there again! So, do you see anywhere to jack in?"

"Let's see...aha!" The young woman made her way towards a nearby electrical shop; it had a demo computer outside. "Wow, I've never seen a computer like this before. At least not outside of SciLab..."

"Yep, that's the latest model! Should have a jack in port somewhere!"

"Let's see...oh yeah, right there on the tower!" Sabrina aimed her PET towards the port, but stopped for a second. " it really a good idea to jack into a computer that's been out in freezing cold? I mean, they protected it from the snow, but it's still really cold..."

"Why not? If anything, it should work better!"


"Well, when things get colder, they lose electrical resistance! So I'd think electrical things like computers work better when it's freezing! Probably in the same way Navis take more damage from Elec attacks when they're standing on Ice panels!"

"...I thought that was because Ice is a type of Aqua power in the cyberworld?"

"...Maybe...I'd say it's 50/50! But anyway, are you going to send me in or not?"

"Have it your way..." A red beam was emitted from the PET towards the jack-in point. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

(to the ElecTown Net!)
"Ahh, nice to be back!" SplashMan closed his eyes and relaxed as the PET's auto-healing function kicked in. "So yeah. When I'm all recovered from the last battle, send me back in, okay?"

"All right. ...Oh, almost forgot!" Sabrina rushed over to her extra chip pocket, and pulled out a chip with a walrus...that was wearing some kind of shirt and hat. "I traded one of our Bubbler chips!"

"...What?!" The Navi opened his eyes, and stared at his operator. "Now why would go and trade one of our Aqua chips?!"

"Well, we've got better ones than Bubbler, and I got a better chip in return!" The young woman held the chip up to her PET's screen. "See? It's called TwinFang. With your Aqua powers factored in, Bubbler has 60 power, and has a chance of hitting a second virus. TwinFang has 70 power, and if you don't miss, automatically hits two viruses! It seemed like a good deal to me, so I took it!"

"...Really? Sounds pretty good to me! Wonder why the person you traded with did that..."

"I dunno. I guess they wanted Aqua chips even worse than us." The TwinFang1 was placed in a certain spot in the chip folder. "There, now it's all nice and usable. Oh, and I also traded a ZapRing for a RollingLog. Not that we really use either, but I thought I'd let you know."

"Okay. Oh, and the healing program's all done! You can jack me back in anytime!"

"Anytime? Okay!" Without hesitating, Sabrina aimed her PET back towards the demo computer's port. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

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