That guy.....

Wes got off the Metro and looked around. No sign of whatever person he was possibly supposed to meet. No matter. He was pretty lucky, so if he really needed to talk to this guy, he'd probably get flung in his path somewhere along the way. Now then.... time to look for a connection to the Square to retrieve his navi. He dilly dallied a bit to make sure that if either of the other members wanted to, they'd have ample time to find his navi.
Anthony walks off the Metro, and looks around the area. He does not know what Wes looks like, but he does not see many fedoras around. So with luck if Wes was going to talk to him, he can be found. He heads to a bench and sits down, waiting while twiddling his thumbs.
Wes stood looking at his PET screen, deep in thought, "I see... so that's what a fedora looks like. I would've understood him more if he had said mafia or gangster hat, though." he mumbled to himself, "Looks like that guy's the only one with something like that... hey, you Winnicot?"
Anthony heard someone call out his last name, and looked to see a man in a gray t-shirt, jeans, and dark colored hair tied back. This must be him he tough. "You must be Wes I asume". Anthony asked the man, looking at anything on his body to give him any clues who he is.
Meanwhile, in Electown and definately not ACDC, since Wes had left there quite some time ago, "Something like that." came the reply to Anthony's question, "So, do you have information on a programmer so skilled he can make net navis reproduce or is this going to be a short conversation?"

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Meanwhile, in Electown and definately not ACDC, since Wes had left there quite some time ago, "Something like that." came the reply to Anthony's question, "So, do you have information on a programmer so skilled he can make net navis reproduce or is this going to be a short conversation?"

Oops. Mah bad.)
"Well, if you remember my e-mail too you, I said something about navis able to come back from near-permanent deletion. If that is not on par with what you are wanting, then I might be able to find whoever you are looking for, seeing that there are most likely few people able to do what you are wanting." Anthony said to Wes' question.
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Wandering around his hometown, Ray seemed to be searching for someone. He walked up to Wes, and tapped him on his shoulder. "Have you seen a person named Wes around here," he asked. Suddenly, his PET started beeping. He picked it up, and ScytheMan's voice came out of it. "I think that what you are doing isn't wise. It is rude to tap people like that to get their attention, and he is talking to someone."
"That really depends on who wants to know." Wes replied to Ray, glaring at him slightly. Unless this happened to be the Valience guy he was looking for, he really hoped that he was looking for another guy who just happened to have the same name as him. Though he always figured that Valience would look a bit older. He then turned back to Anthony, "Also, I stated the requirements I'm looking for, didn't I?"
Ray thought for a moment. "Valiance...." he thought out loud. "Nope! Doesn't ring a bell. He must have been the specific programmer you were looking for. He or she is probably more advanced than me... sorry to bother you."
As Ray started to walk away, ScytheMan said "maybe you should ask if you can help." He happened to say this loud enough for everyone else to hear.
Aida jumped off the metro and dashed down the road. She eagerly looked for a jack in port. Any port would do, she just had to hurry.

"Wh-what a-am I going to do?" She asked herself, "Oh C-Capuchin! Hang o-on!" She then kicked up the pace. To her luck, she turned to see an ally just a ways away. "Oh!" She turned to his direction and gave a wave, giving a big smile. "H-hello Mr Wes Jr! H-how are y-GYARGH!" Not looking where she was going, she collided with a jack in port. " me right I guess......!!!.......Oh tha-thank goodness!" She quickly jacked her Pet in and called out. "C-Capuchin! I found a port! Would you like a ch-chip?"
Anthony's eyes looked at Ray. There was no mention of that name, so he must be hearing things. "Well, from what you said Wes, it seems like you do not want the Information I have; however, if there is a certain person you are looking for, I might be able to find him, or at least help you find him." Anthony said, reaching into his pocket for a piece of paper and a pen, and then continued "Write the full name, or the parts you know, for whomever you are looking for on this paper, and I will try to find out where he lives, alright?" Anthony handed Wes the stuff, and saw someone panicking that seemed to know Wes. Anthony gave into one of his bad personality traits, and walked up to her, asking if there was anything wrong.
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"Yo, Ambridge. Looks like you made it just in time." Wes called out, in greeting. He then turned to Anthony, not taking the supplies he offered, "Not sure if you're really clever or really stupid. While it seems you've caught onto the fact that I'm after someone specific, you seem oblivious to certain other facts, namely why I haven't asked straight out where this person is." Wes sighed, "Ugh..... what to do?"
"Nono...." Aida assured keeping eye contact away since she was shy, "I-Im just f-fine."
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"Hey," Ray said to the people, "I'm glad to meet all of you. Anything I can do to help?" Noticing that Aida was panicking, he started to worry. "Is everything all right, guys?" He absent-mindedly slotted in a chip.
"Uh, Ray," His navi said.
"I'm not jacked in. Slotting in the chip is useless.
Wes eyed Anthony nervously. He was being too vague in everything he was saying. It sounded like he was trying to hide something... like he had some secret reason for being there. His eyes narrowed as Anthony began talking to Aida. He should have come alone. If this guy was up to something and knew that he and the girl were connected, he could use her to get to him. This was not good... it was too much like what happened to the original Requiem. He couldn't let it happen again. He needed to get away from this guy before Aida had a chance to give away any personal information. Just because this guy had Wes's e-mail address didn't mean that him having an ally's contact information wouldn't make a difference. He needed to strike now. That other guy who was apparently looking for him was saying something, so now would be the perfect time to strike. He reached into his pocket and fingered a large object he had brought along with him. He had it now because it was old and he thought that he might be able to find someone to repair it in Electown. Unfortunately, not it looked like it was going to really need repairs. Now all he needed was Anthony's attention.

"Hey, Anthony, do you know what the people of the 20th century called the original Gameboy?" he called. He pulled the object out of his pants and as his opponent turned, he whipped it forward, throwing so that it slammed him in the forehead, "The old brick!" He then dashed forward, stooped to pick up the electronic device, then grabbed Aida's arm and, pulling her along, dashed off.

"Damn it.... I thought that my request couldn't get us into any trouble, but it looks like I attracted a real weirdo..." he muttered to himself. He then turned to his companion, "Sorry about that, Ambridge. That guy's giving me a bad feeling, so I thought we needed to get out of there before he tried anything. Good thing our PET's are wireless.... as long as we stay in the general area, we should be able to keep connected. Here!" He found an ally, then ducked behind a crate quick. He pulled out his PET and looked nervously at it, "Hope we didn't miss anything... Damn, I hope we lost him." He pulled out a red, fingerless glove with a flaming skull on the back and put it on. He also pulled off his hair tie and prepped it like he was about to shoot it like a rubber band, "I'm not going to use that thing again..."
"WH-WHAT?!" Aida gasped, "H-he was a su-suspicous charact-ter?! Oh dear!" She panicked a bit more, worrying about what Anthony may have done...thenb she began to worry about othe rstuff. Majin had to go all out of his way to help her. She stood up and gave an apologetic bow. "I-I'm really sorry to have c-caused you trouble...mak-king you get me out of there and e-everything...a-and by the way..." She arose back up and somewhat gave eye contact. "Mr. m-may call me Aida...j-just Aida. Mr old Majin used to just call me that." Her eyes went wide after that, "OH! But th-that must b-be horribly rude. Making you something th-that of a clone of the o-old Mahjin...wh-when in fact, you're yourself. No one can replace someone else. We a-are who we are and no one can c-copy us perfectly, making every-yone their own ind-di-ividual. Your n-not the o-old majin and I sh-shouldn't try a-and make you the o-old one." Aida's face gleamed a bit with a small smile. "I-In reality...y-your different...and that's wonderful and perf-fect." Soon the smile faded and Aida looked at herself with a questionable look as she began to think to herself, "Oh my! D-did I ju-just make you s-sound like you w-were made in a l-lab or something? GAAAH! I-I I DIDN'T MEAN TO HONEST!!!!" her hands waved in the air madly, "Y-your absolutely n-not a clone o-or a copy o-or a robot! Y-your you!"
Moments before getting headshotted by a gameboy, the words "F***" almost escaped his lips. The force of the blow caused him to move back from the blow, and he raised his hand to his forehead. He did not see where Wes and his lady friend went... but in a way he can't blame them for running... but the gameboy to the face was a bit uncalled for. Well, he was somewhat used to this... He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a cell phone and used it to call someone. After a bit of talking, Anthony sat down on a bench, closed his cell, and put it back into his pocket.
Walking over to the bench, Ray said to Anthony, "I hope you are all right. That was extremely strange." He decided to pick up the gameboy. After a few seconds of tinkering with it, he got it to work. He gave it to Anthony. "Here. After all, Wes did 'give' it to you. My name is Ray Shade."
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"Well, they finished up. Not bad... not bad at all." Wes said as the money rolled in, "I have enough for what I need.... Say, Ambridge, I have two things to discuss with you. First off, I took a mission in the area, so I was wondering if you felt like coming along or not. However, you'd have to jack Capuchin out if I told you to. I don't want you two in any danger. Also, I may have to run to the shop for something, so could you at least stay around long enough to watch out for my navi, so he doesn't die horribly?"