It's Shocking!

Upon arriving in ElecTown, Brandon stretched, and started to look around. "Wow, these places really do have good deals! Too bad we're not from around here, so we can't just bring this stuff home like it's nothing!"

"Yeah, and these things really seem high end, too! I bet jacking into one of them would be a breeze! Even your dad's old rustbucket of a Navi FlareMan could do it without a problem!"

"Hey, FlareMan's a solid Navi! He's just...uh...battleworn!"

"And just plain worn! No wonder your dad makes new Navis to give him a break every so often! I'm shocked that guy doesn't break into particles at any given moment!"

"That's easy for you to say. You're actually a higher end Navi than he is..."

"I know. Good thing too, because I'd rather not wake up from sleep mode and find out my arms are dematerialized!"

"......Oh, here we go! I think this computer's hooked up to the main Net. Let's go!"

"...And whether or not it's public access is beside the point, apparently..."

"Jack in!"


"...Jack in! Target, Execute!"

(jacking into ElecTown Net)
"Lemme get this straight..." Unlike her operator, Tara was trying to think things through as Brandon raced for the MetroLine station. "Someone you don't even know e-mails you and tells you to go somewhere with all your chips and stuff. You're just going to assume they want a friendly battle, and go there without second thought?"

"Why would someone e-mail me just to rob me? It doesn't make sense!"

"...Fine, whatever. But if I get deleted from this, I'm haunting you! Got that?!"

"Relax, that won't be happening! And here we are!" Without missing a beat, Brandon boarded the MetroLine, and headed for his destination.

(off to ACDC, where the passing of the guard shall occur. Woo.)