Duke vs Shin.

Shin walked into the final arena match, letting out a breath he had seemed to hold from the beginning of time. In his left hand, he held a bag of tacos. In his right hand, his PET.

Nervously, the self-proclaimed ace gulped as he walked toward his terminal, setting his bag of tacos on the counter next to him and placed his PET on the counter in front of him.

"Let's do this! Plug-in! Red_Riding_Hood.exe! Transmission!" Shin shouted, pressing the plug-in button, sending the wireless ray into the arena's plug-in point.

Letting out a sigh, Shin quickly devoured one of his tacos as he waited for his opposition. This would be a battle to remember.

Duke wandered into the arena shortly after Shin, having had to fight with the coffee machine for a bit after signing in. "Ah, it was worth it though," he said, sipping the results of his efforts as he settled in at his terminal.

"What was?" Pianissimo questioned.

"Coffee, Pianissimo," Duke responded as though stating the obvious. "Drink of the gods, this stuff."

"No, I mean, what were you responding to?"

Duke paused.


"You're a little more insane than usual lately," the assassin commented before Duke jacked him in. "No, check that, a lot more."
"Cheers," Shin commented to Duke from across the room, lifting up a taco to Duke's cup of coffee.

Apparently everything was in the whack today, but hey! Final match!
Duke bowed his head.

"Well, looks like I lost," he said simply. "Good match. I'd shake your hand but I just spilled the rest of my coffee and...yeah."

He gave a short wave to Shin, saying "Until next time," before walking out, now having only a very long sleep to look forward to.
"Heh, have a nice nap. See you around and thanks for the match," Shin replied, waving back to Duke. Finishing the last of his tacos, the self-proclaimed ace gulped the rest of the food down and sighed.

"Better get going," Shin smirked, adjusting his sunglasses back on and heading back home.