Duke vs.....someone

Walking back from the main lobby, Duke entered the arena room, glancing around. Last time, it hadn't been necessary to jack in from here for...some reason, but for this match, his curiosity had been piqued. If Damian and Void had dropped out, then who was operating this one? He walked over to the arena where Pianissimo and 'Void' were displayed, placing both hands on the console where he was supposed to have been standing in the first place. Looking across, he saw...no one.

Could've seen that one coming, he thought, waiting for the battle to start.
(( From Here ))

The door to the arena room opened, revealing an Electopian woman in her early twenties standing before a large, victoriously grinning Netopian man in an Official's uniform. The young lady, a one Miriya Takemura, stepped inside the room while wearing an expression of confused disbelief. Oh... my... God.... Miriya thought to herself. Where did they find this guy? He not only made me sign my real name; he actually escorted me to the arena! She turned around and looked back at the Official that had come with her. "Thank you for showing me to the arena, sir." Her manner and tone of voice seemed genuinely grateful, however irritated she actually was. Ugh. He's won, he knows it, and, of course, he's smiling about it. I don't know whether to be depressed or infuriated.

Miriya turned around while the door closed behind her. So much for the plan. As she stepped further into the room on her way to greet her opponent properly she smiled and nodded a silent greeting to the Official standing quietly off to one side. When she made it to a spot next to her NetBattle terminal, she smiled and introduced herself with a slight bow of her head. "Greetings, sir. My name is Miriya Takemura." She raised one arm to rub the back of her head as she sheepishly continued in an apologetic tone. "My apologies for being late. I apparently needed to be shown the way to the correct room." Her face turned a little red in genuine embarrassment. And I could strangle that man for it.... Not that I can say that to this gentleman sitting here.

"W-well, anyway, I should get to my station so we can get started properly. Good luck." Miriya finished before the bowed her head and moved to stand at her terminal. That... sounded embarrassingly lame and awkward. She sighed at the thought, calming her mind as she did so. Time to break the news to my Navi....

Miriya reached for the console controls....
Duke simply nodded to Miriya after the....results of the..."battle".

"Apologies for what happened," he said, then walked out, leaving no room to find out if he was actually serious.

As he left, however, he smirked to himself, wondering if it would be possible to blackmail the announcer navi.