Teacher Learning

Letting out a sigh as Joseph would take a seat on a bench not far outside the Navishop, he would begin to install into Asymptote's PET with no little amount of swearing and grunting at the upgrades, trying to find where all of it was supposed to go, not having ever had to deal with this sort of thing, but regardless, would find purchase in the slots provided. Turning his PET back on, he'd immediately get to "programming" Asymptote's signature attacks, with a "How-To" guide open in a separate window.
A while later, after receiving a mission from the BBS, and from the Mafia, no less, Joseph let out a wide yawn, having successfully installed everything into the PET, getting up and stretching, as Asymptote prepared himself for the coming mission.

Net Police...Net Mafia...who to join...granted, the police didn't exactly put much into helping us after everything that happened. Wonder how things will go... Asymptote mumbled to himself to no one in particular. There was certainly corruption on the Net Police, there was no way there couldn't be, holier than thou they might seem. But the Mafia was also in the same boat, granted, they did more..."harm" for the net. But were they truly the "evil" that the net police prided themselves on showing? He would shrug as he stood up. Heading towards the Mafia's mission location, Joseph. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Asymptote said, jacking himself into the network before too long afterwards.

Mmmm...working with the Mafia for the good of the net...they can't all be bad...right? He asked quietly to himself, humming for a moment before getting onto the metro lines, he had a bit of an unexpected trip ahead of him. But he was sure this was the right thing to do.
Groaning out as Joseph rubbed his shoulders, he let out a yawn as he walked back into Scilabs, sitting down on a nearby bench. So...let me get this straight...you took the wrong metro line to Net Vegas...and forgot to get off, leading you even further out of the area until you were almost at the airport...then fell asleep on the metro while I was doing my mission...there are days Joseph. Asymptote expressed, rubbing his bloodshot eyes as best he could through the mask. Sorry Symp. Didn't have much sleep last night and...they were playing such soothing music... He commented with another yawn. Well, since I got sidetracked with that job...how about we get started hunting those Kabutanks. Feels like it's been months since we took it. Alright. Pretty sure they wonder around this area, so...lets jack in and get started I suppose. With that conversation finished, Asymptote jacked into the net.
Joseph, getting credited with Asymptote's kills and reaching -just- enough zenny to buy what his navi asked for. He would sluggishly get up from the bench, stretch his legs, and headed a few dozen feet into the navi shop.
Walking out of the shop after browsing the other wares, Joseph slunk to a bench with a yawn. Looking over what had happened across the networks, Joseph and Asymptote agreed to another round of virus busting, sending his navi into the local networks.
Sighing as he slowly got up from the bench, cracking his back as he slowly moved towards the railway line, Joseph headed back to ACDC town for a bit of trading at the machine...gods knows Asymptote's going to be pissed.