"Where..." muttered VenusMan, holding his helmet in one hand and looking around before realizing he was back in his PET, "Where are we, kid?"

Raising his PET to eye level, Satou looked at VenusMan and began to explain the situation. "You got kicked out by Buck and I was shortly discovered afterwards... Also kicked out," he said. Satou was walking around the streets of Science Labs, after coming back from his vacation and convention. "You eh..." Satou continued again, still looking at VenusMan, "Ought to try taking off your helmet."

VenusMan had a weird look in his face, even with his visor obstructing his eyes. He took his helmet off in confusion, his pitch black eyes scouring the surface of his helmet until he came across a weird print. "Wait," he started and traced it with his fingers, realizing it was slightly warmer than the rest of his helmet. Buck branded VenusMan. Printed on his helmet was a B with cowhorns in a circle. He looked at it for a while and then looked back at Satou. "OK, what really happened?" he asked.

"One moment," Satou replied as he entered a small diner amongst the scientific buildings. A large sign saying 'Vegan Veigan' was above the door in glorious green neon. "Hey V," Satou said as he walked in, greeting the caretaker of the diner.

"All alone today, kid?" was the reply, shortly followed with a thumbs up. "I'll be right there with you." The man was pleasantly fat with a fair amount of gray hair on his head, below his nose and on his chin. He wore black clothes along with a white apron and a white chef's hat.

Satou took a place by the window and put his PET up so he could look at VenusMan again, who was more than disgruntled at having to wait for an answer. "So you remember inciting LasergunMan to go Buck? You told me you wanted him to be the bad guy, so you could calm him down, be the good guy and impress Buck. Your plan, however, didn't work out. Once you got close to Buck, LasergunMan flailed and knocked you out. Shortly after that, Buck found out about your goal and decided to punish you before tossing you out..." Satou tapped his head and continued the story, "That's the sign you've got. After we both got kicked out, I decided to go to a place where I can expect food I actually like..." He shrugs at VenusMan before looking up at the diner's caretaker.

"Wait..." VenusMan thought, "So what about Phero? Did she leave before I..." He looked back at the brand on his helmet and sighed. A mere gesture later and an anti-virus program showed up to erase the foreign traces from his helmet. A moment later his helmet was fixed again and he placed it back onto his head. Another sigh later, he sat down and continued talking to his Operator. "So why this place?"

"They have completely natural ingredients," Satou said after placing his order, "And it's all vegetarian."

"Mhmm," VenusMan replied and nodded, "And that isn't insensitive at all."

"You're digital," Satou replied again. He also put his battlechips onto the table and thumbed through them before looking at VenusMan, "You want to go for some fighting? Not get knocked out?"

The agitated Navi grumbled, but agreed to the idea. With his helmet fixed again he was all ready to get back into the fight. "Might as well get some action going on," he said, balling his hands into fists before vanishing to the internet.