The Curious Cat, Part 2

Lyn sauntered out of Suitachi's shop with the same frustrated expression, not bothering to address Mira this time as she didn't think she could shake her new companion if she wanted to. And sometimes, she did want to shake her new companion. "Shake her and yell, 'stop!'"

Lyn was very careful to find a cool, shady spot for relaxing and jacking in around the exterior of the Scilabs complex. The views would be the complex exterior of the building on one side, and a view stretching out to the larger business area (blocked by some tall vegetation in a nearby brick planter). The area was quiet, cool, and relaxing, although completely uneventful. In spite of perfectly good benches near the port, Lyn seemed compelled to set on the edge of the brick planter. She crossed her legs and puffed her pipe, looking more or less as normal as ever...

... In reality, though, Lyn was trying to untangle, retangle, and rearrange her thoughts. She'd never really tried to hang out with a friend close to her age, before, and she really had no idea what she was supposed to do. She wasn't hungry any more, so she couldn't eat... all she wanted to do was bust in the mission, but was Mira going to just sit here and do that?

It wasn't really as though Lyn's mind was overclocking, so much as it was just stalling and looping over and over. She probably wasn't going to figure out how to begin "hanging out" without some help, or unless the bar for "hanging out" was set really low. "This is fine, right?" she finally said, finally deciding to jack Ship into the nearby port regardless of Mira's opinion.
Mira was certainly excited at the prospect of hangiing out more with Lyn, especially taking on another mission. After all, herself aside Katran certainly could use more friends and ship seemed like such a great navi. The two has seemed to hit it off fairly well and made a good team, so as far as she was concerned there was nothing to worry about.

"Are you always this busy?" Mira asked curiously as she followed behind enthusiastically. Usually she would just relax and goof around on her days off, only taking missions when she was a little short on funds or was really bored. Of course Katran usually proded her to do something, always on about keeping her own skills honed and what not. A quiet day was scarce between studies and a navi who was constantly seeking to improve lately.

As she took in the scenery though, she began to feel like it might not be impossible here. The atmosphere here was a little calmer than she was expecting, and she just went with the flow. Lyn probably had a reason for coming all the way out here after all, so she was just going to roll with it. After all she did kind of picked the place last time, so it was only fair.

Mira suddenly came to a full halt finally as Lyn took a seat before her on the brick. It didn't exactly look comfy, but in keeping close to her new friend she opted to join her as she prepared Katran for a transfer.

"Works for me!" She exclaimed happily, as Katran Jacked-In to the port.
Now that the two of them were jacked in, Lyn continued to draw on her pipe in a way she hoped looked meditative as she tried to think of what to discuss. "Uh... right. Now that I think about it, which one of these places are we sending our Navis to first? I don't think it really matters to me either way... eh, why don't we send 'em to the Cake Factory first. Ship has some experience at that place, so it might be a good idea to get a scope of the situation there. I don't have any good memories of that f*ckin' place, but... no sense in puttin' it off. Ah... by the Cake Factory, I mean Wonderbar." Lyn didn't bother with the funny accent the 'U' was probably supposed to have. "Garnish's joint."

Lyn had intended that to be a question to carry the conversation, but she immediately realized that she had just ended up talking it through herself and hadn't consulted Mira at all. "F*ck, when's the last time I worried about the sh*t I was gonna say this much..."

The operator took her pipe out of her mouth, blew a puff of smoke into the air, and let out a frustrated moan at nothing. "Whatever. What the hell. If she wants to talk, let HER do it. I'm just gonna sit tight if she doesn't say anything." In a way, peace and quiet from Mira would be appreciated, but it wasn't what Lyn expected.