Stephine appears!

Y-yes. Thank you. I'll make sure to find something to send back here soon. A quiet voice sounded out from a nearby hallway, the female voice coming from a sixteen year old girl, walking out with a PET in hand and smiling happily at what had just happened. Pressing several buttons on her PET she called up her navi, whom was busy with other things, missing her wooden legs at the moment since the girl had been trading off things she had recently gotten.

Rrrrrrgh...where the hell are my legs? I think I need to kill some programs... A hollow female voice said as she was currently dragging herself around on her hands. I'm sorry Freya. But after you threatened me, I had to make sure you didn't stop the trade. Elemental Wood is a good chip, but I wanted to see what I could get from it. The girl said as she sighed. Remind me to get you back for this indecency later... Freya mumbled as she continued to drag herself along the ground.

I'm going to the navi shop. Still have some money I could spend on upgrades for you. Maybe an HP Memory and a Processor Upgrade. The girl said, the navi just laying there for now, grumbling under her breath...Jack never did this to her, now she has to babysit his sister in a faint attempt to get her body back.
Suddenly coming off a bus after her shopping in the navi shop, Stephine walks off the bus with her navi in tow. Oh. Looks like I must have fallen asleep on the bus... She mumbled to herself, feeling like it has been almost a year since she last moved. Sitting down in one of the comfy chairs in the lobby, the younger Magi yawned and stretched out.

Zzzz...Wha? Oh. You're awake. I tried waking you up several times earlier...but you just slept like a log. Much like your brother. Freya commented, having gotten her legs back from the programs and having beaten the everloving shit out of them for what they had done.

Oh. I thought I heard your voice. You want to go busting? The upgrades I got nearly demolished the bank account. She said. The navi rolling her nonexistant eyes and jacking herself into the network.