Table side Busting

After bumping shoulders with a closer friend while coming out of the navi shop, he once more returned to that old staple, the nearby tables under a comfortable shade tree.

Nice public place out in the clear sunny outdoors, all that was missing was a drink, and that could be gotten from the food cart nearby. So after grabbing a drink and large pretzel with cream cheese dip for a snack. Vincent settled down and rests his PET on the table, flipping it open to pull up the holoscreen to start going over some quick changes and edits to Lucia's programming. "Lucia, how are you feeling after your recent upgrade, any real change?"

Navi soon slipped into view on the screen, stretching out and slipping hands behind her head. "I feel funny and confused..."

"I meant about your upgrades Lucia, Artio I got you some too, and it will allow you to more quickly use a chip in combat without Lucia having to send it to you first, should help speed things up."

Wolf soon appeared stepping up behind the navi, who gave a squeak and hugged arms around him. "All systems are fine Master, though I'm still very confused about-"

"For now don't think about it, you'll just lose focus in battle, I'm sending you and Artio to a network to do some hunting around. I've heard there have been sightings of a dragon there, as well as another bow carrying navi. I want to investigate."

Navi perked up at the mention of both new objectives. Puffing up some, What?! Another archer is out there, but that's my thing! Who is the bugger, I want to give him a piece of my mind, damn copy cat!"

Chuckling, Vincent turned the PET so its inferred beam could send the navi and SP into the network. "We'll be going through the network HUB on the way there, so just relax for right now."

[Set Artio's Chip Preset to ElecKnife, Jack in: Lucia.EXE & Artio.SP into Netsquare]
Sullen figured that they were close enough friends that she didn't need an invitation to sit down and chat with Vincent. She didn't have anything as decadent as a giant pretzel; instead she had a cup of black coffee. "I see you beat me to the shop; guess you didn't enjoy the bathhouse as much as I did eh?" the woman's hands feeling around the table to try and find a port to jack into.
Vincent looked up from his PET's screen as a familiar voice caught his attention, offering light nod of his head before turning his focus back upon the battle. It only took a few moments for Lucia to clean up the viruses and gave him the chance to chat with his friend. "Well, breaks in vacations are nice."

Leaning forward, he frowned before tilting his screen to allow her to see if she wished. "I am curious about a disruption though. A sudden quake tore a large crake through the network Lucia's in now. She's following its edge, but it would be interesting to see just what could have caused it. Though I doubt we'll look for that long."
"Because vacations are Soooo stressful." Putting emphasis on and then dragging out 'so'. Sullen took the time to look over offered the P.E.T and taking a moment to be nostalgic afterwards. "Just be careful; Sally got boxed in between some broken panels once and ended up fighting a pincer attack. Anyways I wanted to apologize for the lack of meaningful conversation in Yoka. Because the truth is; I am a super hero." She kept a deadly serious expression for as long as possible; or at least till it cracked into a smile.