Virus Bombs Seach-Vending Machine Maybe?

Trent gets off the metro and looks around the science area. Walking up the steps takes him right into the labs themselves, with the exit to the street level fading into the distance behind him, on the other end of the platform. "Lets look inside of the labs themselves. Since they are the hub of the area, maybe one of the vending machines here would work." Mark and Trent had come to a conclusion that the vending machine was the best choice for the area, seeing as everything else here was about research.

"I wonder if the battles are going to get harder as things go along. Maybe the fragdata interacts with the bomb and tells it to make harder battles. If that's true, You'd better be prepared for Hades. We have never been there do you realize this?"

"Mark, we are at the vending machine, check it over for the bomb," Trent said bluntly.

"So we are." Mark straightened his shirt and pressed his vest against him before pulling his dress pants up slightly and bending over to look around the vending machine for the bomb.
And sure enough, there was a black device behind it, complete with flashing red light. Success!


And with a small beam of light aimed directly at the PET, the pair had better be ready...

Trent walked calmly over to the new datafrag, his knives retreating into junk data as he cast them to the side. His pistol hung loosely on his hip, still not re-secured by the leather strap to hold into the holster. "Lets head to the next area. I will do a scan for any lasting effects of the virus bomb again. For some reason, I don't trust it."

"You don't trust much of anything," Mark said rolling his eyes slightly. He pushed his tiny frame off the side of the vending machine with his shoulder, throwing himself back down the stairs to the metro area. "Check again though, I guess its a good idea." Mark was unworried about the lasting effects, since the first time didn't appear to have any. Trent wasn't to easy going with the situation, searching high and low on his cans while a familiar email was pulled up before Mark's eyes. "I do wonder about those Bugfrags..." Mark started letting his voice trail off.

"I think Electown is our next best bet. That one seems like I would be easy to me. After that, Yoka and Dentech, they kind of get to me a little bit. I'm unsure about those. We might have to do some investigation of those towns to find it."


Mark waited on the edge of the platform, tipping his toes over the edge and balancing on his nice shoes carefully. He looked like a small child from a distance playing on the edge of the platform. A large step was taken backwards to break Mark from the trance as a metro car blew its annoying horn. Mark stepped unto the train and kept repeating the phrase in his head.

'All can see it, and all can hear it, yet at times it chooses to not speak.'

{To Electown}