Wes walked out of the navi shop and found a table in the lobby. He sat down and installed the new upgrade into his navi. He waited a few moments, "Well, anything?"

"I can feel my other abilities getting boosted a bit, but a new one has yet to be obtained. Hmmm..... my specials are all hereditary and already determined, so this is very strange. Perhaps it has yet to fully take hold." Junior thought for a second. He wondered what ability would be unlocked next?

Wes fiddled with his PET, "Hey, you got mail."

Junior read over the letter and mulled over it, "Where to go.... where to go... I really don't know what to do."

"Well, while you think about it, I'll go over you advancements." Wes said, studying over Junior's old attacks.

Edit: A few minutes later, Junior finished working on something. He smiled, "Good. I'm finally done." He stood still and his body glowed. It shifted into a relatively human-looking outfit. He then looked at Wes and nodded, "Well, I'm off." He said as he jacked into the Square.
Junior reappeared in his PET, still holding Daisy close. HIs grip relaxed as he saw that they had made it safely inside. He then said to her, "So, Daisy-san, what did you want to do?"
Daisy appears with Junior in her arms. She lessened the hold she had on him, and itheard his question. "Well, you said there is only about one different between boyfriend/girlfriend and lover... and lover sounds a bit better then friend... So could you tell me about this... Sex... you were talking about? She asked, her hand now rubbing Junior's rump. For some reason she seemed to enjoy doing that...
Junior's face got red as he heard her question, then got redder as she started rubbing his rear again, "Well, uh..... it's when you..... *insert health class explanation here, I ain't get warned for describing it* I can either be used to express love, to give pleasure, to reproduce, or a combonation of things just listed. Do you understand, Daisy-san? Its not something you just do with anybody."
Daisy paid attention too the whole talk, her hands now on the Junior's back. She did learn much about the subject... and by the end her face was a little red. "I, um... I don't think... I am ready for that." Daisy said, as she let go of Junior and sat down on the ground. "I think I am fine with how things are at the moment... Um, could you tell me more about Requiem?" She said, looking up at Junior.
"That's fine. I never wanted to pressure you into it, anyway. This is just the sort of thing you should know, is all." Junior replied, "We can stick to the kind of stuff we've been doing, okay?" He sat down beside her, "Either way, what do you need to know exactly? We're a group that focuses on intel and hide behind .GMOs to keep our true identities a secret, making it harder for others to tear us apart. The group was started by my father's netop and another member was my mother."
"Thanks." Daisy said, in response to Junior as he sat down. She then looked at his face, and after Junior finished speaking, began to speak as well. "So you were kind of like a superhero, just not the Law serving kind... Was Requiem always like that? Also your parents... Are they proud of you?"
"Well, costumes used to not be standard but then the whole organization got targeted. Because of that, the members had to sleep with one eye open just to avoid getting attacked, so this time around, we're keeping secret so that if something like that happens again, everyone has the option of backing out or at least leaving a normal life. As for my parents... they were deleted. I think I still have a navi that could be consider my aunt, but I've yet to meet her. In any case, my loss is part of the reason I was happy at the thought of reviving Requiem, since it reminds me of both my parents. It also makes me kind of want kids of my own, as well..." His voice trailed off. He had misspoke. It almost sounded like he was propositioning her. He needed to change the subject. He suddenly felt a new power developed. He went over the data that he could feel from the data. It was a set of three barriers. He turned to Daisy, "Daisy-san, I have a new techique I want to try out. It seems to be a barrier. Your barriers have always made me feel safe, so allow me to give you the same feeling." He raised two hands out at her and concentrated. He felt protective energy fly out in waves. He concentrated the majority of them on Daisy and gave a bit to himself.

As the waves hit her, Daisy's armor began to fade away. In its place, under graments were left. She now wore a red, lacy bra which nicely showed off her curves. She also had red panties in the same basic style, with Magnus written in gold on the back. Completing the outfit was a pair of red stockings. Junior, on the other hand, simply was stripped down to a pair of purple boxers and retained his glasses. He blinked and his face got red, "Wh-what is this? This is what my heredity produced? I bet this came from the old man, somehow. I am so, so sorry Daisy-san. Please forgive me." He quickly bowed and placed his hands in his lap, covering it. He kept his head down, but couldn't help but peek up at Daisy. She was so hot, his mind was going crazy.
"Really?" Daisy asked about Junior's comments on her barriers. She wanted to ask more about Junior's parents, to learn more about who raised him... But since Junior seems to want to show her his barrier, she decided to wait on it. Course; there was almost no warning of what was to come.

"Wha?" Daisy went, as her lab coat and other article of clothing's started to vanish. All that was left was the bra and panties, her face somewhat red from all that just happened. She looked at Junior, who seems to have had a similar problem as well. When she heard him apologize for it, and him bowing, she started to state "No, no, it's alright. It's just a rather interesting way to have a barrier." She started to lean towards Junior. "Also, maybe I should head back to my PET, so Virgil won't see that I am not there, and won't have to worry about me being missing or anything like that." She said, chuckling some... But it was then that something came to mind... "Um... do you know how to get our cloths back? I... don't think it would be a good idea to head back looking like this." She asked.
"I'm... ugh... not sure." Junior admitted. This was still the first time he had used the technique. He had no idea how it worked, "If they are barriers, destroying them seems the most logical choice. Though..." Would that mean their clothes would come back or would they be naked? "Its... a bit uncertain. I'm not sure what to do. We could always just try taking them off and see if that does anything but..." He looked up at her, making eye contact, "Eh, nevermind. That's probably a bad idea." He paused, "So, when you say this is an interesting way to make a barrier... interesting how?"
"Do you normally think of this as a barrier Junior?" Daisy asked, blushing some as she did. "I mean, normally when you think of one, you think armor of some kind... not undergarments. "She picked herself up, and moved next to Junior. She put her arms around her legs, and turned her head to look at Junior's face. "Well, since you think trying to remove them is a bad idea, they might go away on their own, and our cloths might return as well. It might be worth a shot." Daisy said to Junior. "Um... Junior, earlier you said something about you kind of wanting kids... and you said reproduction is not something common with Navis... How will you find someone who is able to do that? And how can you tell if you are able to anyways? And your always able to ask me anything about myself, since I am asking so much you know." Daisy then said.
"Well, I know I have the ability to reproduce. My parents obviously did so it would be passed down to me. Whoever I end up with, even if they can't reproduce, I can probably ask my mother's netop to program them to be able to, even if I don't know him very well... Either way, its nothing you need to worry about right now." Junior said. He crawled around her, and hugged her from behind, wrapping his arms around her, "So then, ask you about yourself now? I want to know all there is about you, but since that's a bit unrealistic to say all at once, I'll start small. First of all..." He removed one of his arms from her shoulder and began tracing the tattoo on her back, "...what is Project Life? Second..." He then reached down and pinched her rear, "Does the word Magnus hold any significance?"
Daisy let out a small 'eep' noise when Junior pinched her, her legs straightening as well. After that, she moved them back to where they were before... "Well, as I said at Yoka, I don't know much about it. All I know is it was a old project having to do with Navi construction and that kind of stuff. Each of the Navis created from it were given a number, and a sort of codename, some times refurning to what they were to do, or the abilities given to them." She let go of her legs, moved them forward some, and began to lean back on Junior. "Not a ton of the Navis created from that are around anymore... But, if you are interested in gathering Intel, I think the archiving one is still around; I think he was called 'Tinman'... Again, I am not too sure on all of this... If you want more, I think Virgil knows someone that studied the project, and knows the location of a few of the Navis." Daisy said.
Tinman? He recognized that name. So he was kind of a borther of Daisy's? This could get complicated but... if he was related to Daisy, maybe there conflict had just been some sort of misunderstanding, "Ah, Tin. I think I fought him once. Is he a bad guy or did circumstances just make us look like enemies?" He moved his head, kissing her neck, "Of course, if you don't want to talk about him right now, I can wait on those answers."
"Well, I have never met him, so I don't know how to respond to that... but I was told he was non combatant..." Daisy said, as she repositions herself so her side was facing Junior, her head now resting on Junior's chest. "Do things normally escalate to this relationship this fast? Or are we going faster then normal?" She asked, as she sort of curls up in his arms.
"Eh, that really varies from person to person. Some may sleep together on the first date, others might spend months just holding hands. EIther way, our rate doesn't matter. As long as we keep it in each other's comfort zone, everything will be fine. If you want to see about what level we're on, they are measured by a base system. You see..." Junior then went on to describe all four steps. He then stopped for a minute and, while still holding her, moved one hand to her chest, "So we're really kind of only at second. Don't worry, there's still a lot left to experience, when you're ready, okay, Daisy-chan?"
"Base two... alright." Daisy said softly, as Junior placed on of his hands on her chest. "Junior, remember earlier when I said I don't think I am ready to be a lover... I... don't know anymore. Because when we first kissed, I was flooded by all kinds of emotions... Most of them enjoyment and happiness... Maybe it would be like then..." Daisy said to Junior, her head and body moving so she could look at his face. "I won't know until I try, right?"
"EH!? You're serious? Well, okay then... I'll do this slowly, in case you want to change your mind..." he pulled off his boxers, revealing... a censor bar, "What the hell!? This isn't normal!" He threw the pair of undies, which made a dent in the floor, "Th-they do damage when thrown? Whoa!" Junior's navi suit slowly began to rematerialize, leaving him once again, fully clothed. He stared at his body in amazement, "I guess stripping was the only way to get back to normal... So, before I disengage my normal suit, are you sure you're ready?" He waited for her response.

A few hours later, Junior woke up. Oddly enough, he seemed to be wearing some odd, new suit. Black and blue navi suit... large white lab coat. Where did this come from? After a few seconds, he realized what it was: A Cross. Daisy and him had finally become truely close. He looked over at her, seeing her in a new form as well. Should he wake her? He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, to she if it would rouse her.
Daisy nodded to Junior, and looked down when he removed his boxers. She was kind of confused by why there was a censor bar there and somewhat more so by how it had dented the floor. But when Junior's suit came back, she did the same with her garments. Her cloths and coat came back, and she turned her body to be facing Junior's. When he asked if she was sure... She started to unbutton the coat. "I think so." She said softly.

Few hours later

When she was kissed on the cheek by Junior, Daisy slowly opened her eyes saying "That... was enjoyable..." Course, when she saw how Junior looked, she was somewhat dazed by it, even more so when she looked at herself. Her whole artier seemed to have changed, her tanktop, coat, and pants now replaced by a body suit, with a v shaped opening coming from her neck down past her bellybutton reviling. She saw the necklace around her neck, and the gloves, boots, and glasses near where they are. "Wha, what is going on?" She asked, rather confused by why they seemed to have swapped wardrobes.
"It's a Cross, silly. You've never had one before?" Junior said. It seemed he was her first in more ways than one, "When two navis become close, they are able to borrow power from each other. They gain type and elemental attributes of the other, as well as their costume. After use, though, they require a bit of time to recharge. This is a Cross. Sharing one with you really makes me happy. It shows how close we've become." He propped himself up so that he could better see her. He looked her over, "You really look good, Daisy-chan. Of course you always do, I just mean the change is... cute." He smiled at her. He then moved his head over and whispered in her ear, "Also... I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was good for me too. I really do love you, Daisy." It felt a little ackward skipping the honorific for anyone other than Wes, but he felt that he had found another person who he could rely on completely and be himself around. Besides, as close as he was to Wes, he had never slept with him, so his lover deserved just as much comfort around him as his netop did.