Pride and Glory

Kari looked visibly uncomfortable when she got off the metro, she didn't expect it to be this crowded and busy. She opened the pamphlet and read out load "Upgrade shop" before making a beeline for it staring down at her feet and only looking up to make sure that she wasn't going to bump into someone.
Sullen felt honestly overwhelmed with the size and scope of the Si-labs. Metro, shop(s), jobs, apartments!? There were at least twelve floors and god knows how many subs floors. She hadn't even taken in account the official operations or even jacked into the Local net yet.

The woman staggered over to what looked like a rest stop. A small round table with two bar style stools; there was enough room for some coffee cups and two plugs. She logged the now upgraded Saluki.exe into the net and planned to spend the rest of the day here open for company.

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After losing track of time and two cups of vending machine coffee; Sally and Sullen would finally finish getting their home page the way that they wanted.


"I do not understand why we have those, human ascetics. I do not need a bed and there is not even anyone buried in those graves."

"It is as much for me as it is for you; besides there are going to be other operators and navigators visiting and it provides a good deal of ambiance. I guess we can take the metro in the morning. Are you ready for an all nighter?"

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Okay, so his memory had played tricks on him. As Steve slowly made his way through the centre and to the front of the cafe, it was in fact closed. Steve kicked the gate in anger and pain; his headache was excruciatingly painful.

He began the walk back to the centre's entrance. Need... coffee... he groaned as he walked. As he walked past the few stores still open, the rich aroma that only coffee could create seeped into his nostrils. Tanalysed by the smell, he followed it down a level, around a few corners, and to a small booth. To Steve's delight, there it was: a coffee maker. Quickly sitting down on the closest seat, he grabbed a cup and placed it into the machine's pouring zone. Pressing "Black", it made grinding noises and slowly poured out the dark liquid he'd been yearning for.

He picked up the now-full cup of coffee and drank almost half the cup without stopping, not seeming to care that it was scalding hot. His eyes closed as its effects took their toll. Almost instantly his headache began to diminish and his brain started functioning properly again.

Aaah, he breathed heavily. Opening his eyes, the thought processes kicked in again as he realised that the table he was sitting at was not unoccupied as he had thought. In his madness, he'd sat across from a younger woman, most likely in her early 20s. She had a reddish PET connected to a network port next to the coffee machine, but he couldn't tell whether she was staring at the screen, or staring at him. Without moving his head, he gave his whole body a quick checkover. No, he hadn't vomited on himself, although his outfit was still the stupid red polo and brown cargos he'd been wearing earlier.

He put the cup down and attempted to mingle, if he could remember how. Sorry, he said to the stranger. Hangover coffee.
Sullen was completely engaged with the battle with her eyes glued to the PET screen even if there was little she could contribute now that it was reaching its climax. The only break was to sip from her third cup of vending machine coffee, the previous two empty cups resting on the table near your seat. She did notice your presence after your loud and satisfying sounding gulp "I like mine hot too" thankfully the machine coffee was cheap and strong, long gone were the days of brown-ish crap water of yesteryears.

She was dressed similarly in cargo shorts, sandals and a t-shirt all of which were earth tones and comfortable and fitting. If you still where glancing at the PET's screen there was the flashes of a rather close struggle and probably the last for the morning.
Steve was in complete shock at what had just happened. Firstly, that he hadn't managed to scare off the woman. Secondly, that he managed to stay clean after his little excursion into alcohol. And finally, that he was watching somebody else netbattle. Steve wasn't much of an observer; he'd rather be doing something himself, or not at all. Perhaps the mixture of coffee and beer was screwing with his mind.

This feeling of confidence wouldn't last long before Steve's usual seclusion kicked in again, so placing the coffee cup back down, he looked the woman in the face and tried again. Name's Steve, he said, taking another swig of coffee from his cup. I know why I'm still up, but you don't look like the clubbing type. What brings you here so early in the morning?

Like you're one to talk, Recon muttered from Steve's pocket.
"Sullen" her answer was simple and to the point but it was because her fingers where still occupied with logged out; the last fire virus had really burned her and her Navi out. When her eyes finally became leveled with yours; you could see there was a great weariness for getting up at 6:30 and pulling an all nighter.

"I started early in the morning to sight see, get upgrades and search the net but got side tracked and spent most of the day and night working on my homepage and sipping coffee." She wasn't going to mention that the actual scope and scale of Si-labs had left her overwhelmed.

Her PET was set down and it displayed an equally tired looking navigator; burned, battered and bruised from an unfavorable fight. "I am too tired to be Snide..." Either way the link was provided for you to look at.

Sally's Homepage
Steve withdrew his PET and forged a connection to the second network plug. Satisfied with the security, Steve began a foreign network search to locate the beacon he'd just been shown. Within a few seconds, a message appeared confirming it had found the page and was ready to transmit directly. Check it out, Recon, he commanded his navi.

Recon didn't expect any virii on this unknown homepage, so his EAAS was retracted as he entered the sector. He was quickly informed of this mistake as sand blew straight into his eyes, causing some mild pain and a large amount of blurriness. The vizor flung itself on again, and apologized. Well, that was unexpected, it commented as it started to analyse the situation around it. This should do it... it reassured Recon as some new program protocols flashed across his HUD. The waves of sand instantly decreased in size and increased in opacity, allowing Recon to see a small forest in the distance, but he didn't feel like wandering too far away from the portal.

What do you think? Steve asked.

It's got a good virus deterrant, Recon complimented as he continued fighting the sand waves. I feel sorry for the program who had to build this. If the creator doesn't mind, I'll check out the rest another time.

Huh, was all Steve could reply with. Bookmarking the location, he ran the jack-out protocol and returned Recon to the PET. I'm working on a homepage of my own, but's it's not complete yet. I'll get Recon to send you a ScanCode when it's done. The coffee had done its job, and Steve was ready to head home. I might see you again, maybe not, he said while getting out of his seat. Offering the operator a small wave, he walked back to the floor above, getting lost twice along the way.

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The two of them where polite enough to suppress there giggles till they where well out of site before there was some wild laughter and a fit of giggles.

"I think I am going to like our homepage"

With that the weary couple made their way back to the metro and headed back to ACDC town. They were sure to return to Si-labs in the future.