A magician, puppet, leader and demon kid...

Jack, just lazing around on a bench near the metro, just sat and relaxed there after finishing with his navi's signature attacks.
Jack, bored, desided to jack Freya into the network, wanting to kill some time while he waited for Majinman and his netop to show up.
Wes got off the Metro and looked around, "Okay, so I'm looking for some guy on a bench? I'm going to hope that you got a better description than that."

"Yeah, apparently he's tall, wears black pants and..." Majinman paused, rereading the BBS post, "ruffles? What the heck?"

"Ruffles? He might turn out to be a weird guy. I think I have an OBJECTION!" Wes shouted.

"Sheesh, you don't need to yell," Majinman sighed.

"Yeah, sorry about that. For some reason it just felt right... anyway, let's find this guy," Wes walked around the area for a little while until his eyes fell upon a guy that just made him think 'weirdo'. Taking a deep breath, he headed over and asked, "Hey, are you that...."

"Magi. That's the name of the guy we're looking for. Magi," Majinman said.

"Uh, yeah, are you that guy?" Wes asked.
Looking up from his PET to look at the person in front of him, Jack just smiled before speaking. Yes, thats me, Jack Magi. I assume you to be the Netop of the netnavi, Majinman. Please, sit. Jack said as he scooted over on the bench to allow the stranger to sit. I was expecting the whole "objection" quote to be honest. Jack said, finishing his train of thought.
"Uh, hey. My name is Wesley Xesivan, though just Wes is probably easier," Wes said. He paused before sitting down, not really sure if he wanted to be that close to a stranger, especially one weird enough to wear ruffles. After he was seated, he asked, "So, uh, are we busting in Scilabs then or using the Net Square to head somewhere else?"
I was just in the area. I just finished up my navi's new signature attacks, making her a bit more powerful, more options for attacks. I thought it might be a good idea for a easier area for my navi, considering the level difference the two of them have. Jack said, shrugging slightly. And, well, I haven't really busted since I turned her into a combat oriented navi. If you want to meet her, she's in the net right now. Though, she just got attacked by some viruses. She can handle herself though. Jack said, a small smile creeping up his lips.
"Well, okay then. Guess I'll send Majinman in a while and hope that your opponents are dead by the time he gets there," Wes said, pointing his PET at some random electronic and sending in his navi.
Jack, quickly getting up from the bench, quickly turned to Wes and gave him a quick wave of goodbye before disappearing into the crowd, jumping onto the next metro towards Beach Street and onto Hades Island via boat.
"Well that was a short little good-bye. He seemed much more talkitive earlier... not that that's a big deal," Wes said as he watched the other netop run off, "Wonder what business they had, anyway," he then headed off to the Navi Shop.