Techno Babble

"All right, we're poor again. Let's fix that!" Fortunately, there was a jack-in port in the wall near the shop. Sabrina had no idea why, as there wasn't anything obviously electronic around it, but it was in the public part of SciLab, so it'd work as well as any. "...Are you still asleep?!"

"Zzz...huh?" In the PET, SplashMan rubbed his eyes, before appearing as a hologram on his operator's shoulder. "Okay, I guess I'm, where're we busting now?"

"Right here in SciLab! I mean, it's not too hard a place, which is good for Blub, and we're right here, anyway! Any objections?"

"Uh...not really. I don't even really remember what viruses are in there..."

"Neither do I. But at least we won't have to worry about BlarghSharks, right?" She never, EVER wanted to see one of those again...though she suddenly got the feeling she wasn't going to get that wish..."Anyway, no sense just standing around!" Sabrina pointed her PET towards the port, and uttered the five words necessary to start: "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

(to SciLab Net!)
Having finished another successful run, SplashMan found himself in the comfort of his PET once again. "Phew, having to keep Blub safe was kinda rough..."

"Well, you did a good job! Oh, I'm reading up how to use BugFrags to upgrade Blub! Looks pretty simple, I just have to pick how I want to upgrade him, and..." What appeared to be a large bowl full of BugFrags appeared in front of the sponge, who happily leaped into it and began absorbing the contents. "It'll be a little bit before the upgrades take effect, about we go somewhere else? Maybe we could try getting all the way through ACDC Net!"

"All the way? Well, I guess we've gotten better...okay! I'm up for it!"

"Glad to hear you agree!" The sound of an automatic door closing could suddenly be heard. "Especially since I'm already on the MetroLine there!"

(to ACDC!)