Whiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr.Freeeeeee at last!
Super. Now where are we again?
It's called SciLab, Et.

Harke stepped out of the rail station and surveyed his surroundings. SciLab sure is a big place to be in. Great place, too. Tall building, scientific breakthroughs, beachfront property. More like a luxury apartment or something than somewhere serious scientists work their asses off.

Sooooo, where to jack in?
Asking people is good. Harke turns to a nearby passerby and asks about where to jack in. The passerby points to a nearby terminal and promptly walks away.

Over there.
Okay, so lemme in already.
So hasty? Why not finish your novel?
Already done, so come on.
Man. That was fast.

Harke walked over to the earlier mentioned terminal, a low box with some buttons, a screen and a few jack-in points.

Jack In, Eternalis.EXE, Execute!