The Science of Battles!

"Okay, we're here! Stepping out of the MetroLine station, Sabrina started looking around for some sort of jack-in point. "This is one of the most highly advanced places in the world! There's gotta be a jack-in port somewhere...aha, here's one!"

"Wait a sec, is that a public access port?"

"I think Brandon said it best. 'It's not a misdemeanor if the law doesn't know about it!'" The operator took out her PET, and aimed it at the port. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

(off to SciLab Net)
"I'm back!" SplashMan's expression remained on the annoyed side. "Now I want your explanation!"

"Well, during that mission, I downloaded a list of what this place's Navi Shop has!"

"SciLab has a Navi Shop?"

"I didn't know about it either, until I overheard someone talking about it. So I decided to check it out. Turns out there's an item called a Speed Upgrade. I think we should get it!"

"Speed Upgrade? But you know by now I don't like being rushed..."

"I know. But you know how whenever I use a chip, there's a delay in when I use it and when you get whatever that chip gives you?"

"Yeah. So?"

"The Speed Upgrade increases synchronicity between PET and Navi, so that time is reduced. That way we can use more chips in less time!"

"Really? I guess that's not so bad!"

"Yeah. Problem is, it's a whopping 5000 zenny. Even with all of Brandon's cash, we don't have enough for it. This way we can get the upgrade without putting you in too much risk! Then we can go to other places to do stuff!"

"Yay! Let's go!"

"You're a little late on that..."

"Why's that?"

Sabrina turned her PET around, to show her Navi that not only was she on the Metro, but it had already left SciLab, and was on its way to ACDC Town.


(off to ACDC Town...also, I think I deserve a medal for properly using synchronicity in a sentence)
"Let's see...jack in port, jack in port..." Sabrina began searching walls for an aforementioned port for jacking in, ignoring the fact it looked extremely weird to anyone else in the vicinity. "Argh, I can't find one anywhere! You'd think a place like this would be screaming ports!"

"I'll run by the map to find the nearest one!" A screen appeared in front of her Navi, who started checking it for info. " says there should be one in front of you!"

"In front of me? The only way there'd be one is if it was-" She cut herself off as she looked up, only to find her sarcasm was a reality. "...On the ceiling. What kind of a place is that to put a jack-in port?"

"I dunno, but the map's telling me it's a public access one, so it should be okay!"

"You better not be wrong about that...Jack in! Splash-"

"And who was it that jacked me in through a place off limits to most people last time?"

Sabrina paused for a moment in mid-pose. "...Uh...Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

"Hey! ...Whoa!" And SplashMan was gone, without getting an answer. Not that he'd have to wait long to try again...

(SciLab Net's next)
As soon as her Navi was safe in her PET, Sabrina made her way through the front door, headed for the MetroLine station. And by headed, I mean ran.

"Whoa, Sabrina! You shouldn't be running like that!"

"Shut up, what's wrong with me running?"

" ARE outside the main building. Guess there's no harm in it...just be careful with stairs!"

"I know, I know!" And before anyone knew it, she had reached her destination. "Phew...that was longer than I thought it'd be..." She stepped into the preferred Electopian mode of transportation, and made her way for where her little virus busting adventure all began; ACDC Town.

(ACDC Town, anyone?)