Scilab Public Computer Lab #6

Steve came upon the massive white building that was Scilab. Several scientists, and what looked like a few netops, were wandering around outside of the building. The same held true for the inside, only in greater numbers. SCilab was a busy place, alright.

Following the map that Druidman had downloaded earlier, He found his way to Suitachi's Navi Shop. he reached for the handle, and pulled...

Only to be stopped abruptly. The door was locked. Steve then spied a sign that said; "Out to Lunch. Will be back later. Suitachi"

Grumbling slightly at his poor timing, Steve noticed something across the hall. A door that read 'Scilab Public Computer Lab #6' Steve went through the door, picked out a computer that he liked, sat down, and pulled out his stuff.

"Let's kill some time, Druidman." He said. "Jack in! Druidman.EXE, Execute!"
Ruffling his hiar a bit, Steve sighed as he gathered up his stuff. He'd be using this terminal for his mission, as he really would rather not fly all the way to Netfrica for a simple investigation, but he also would rather not have his stuff stolen.

"Well, time has been killed. Let's buy some junk!" Steve said, marching back to the Navi shop.
As Steve walked back into Computer lab, a small ding from his PET indicated that The first HP Memory had sucsessfully been uploaded. Pulling out the now-blank catridge, Steve tossed it into the trash can as he slotted in the second one. Flopping down in the chair again, Steve pulled out his binder, unzipped it, and pulled out a few chips he figured he'd need quick access to in case things got hairy. Reaching into his backpack, Steve produced a small programmer's pad, which he inserted the Proccesor Upgrade into. Thinking of Divinity's powers over the wind, Steve began to fiddle with the the coding.


Finishing up his programming, just as the HP Memory finished uploading, Steve switched the cartridges, went to toss the empty one away, sat back down, organized his junk, and connected his PET. The upgrade would finish while Druidman was online. "Jack In! Druidman.EXE, Execute!"
Steve looked on to the battle, and saw that things we going resonably well. He had an idea. "Druidman, that last chip we got boosted your power level enough so that you can handle another Process Upgrade."

"So what, dude?" Druidman repiled, distracted.

"I'm gonna run down the hall and get my other free upgrade from Suitachi. It might help us further down the road." Steve said heavily.

"WHAT? Are you insane dude? Leave me in a lava pit, why don't you?" Druidman said, skirting a lava pit as he advanced with his next attack.

"It's a risk, but I think it'll pay off. You can try your best while I'm gone, and if you need help, ask one of the other Navis." Steve said, getting up out of his chair and running down the hall.
With Druidman back in his PET, and the rest of his things gathered and cleaned up, Steve pressed the 'Meditation Mode' button on his PET to put Druidman into his healing cycle, and headed out of the lab, bound for the Navi shop one last time on his way out.