"Finally, we're here!" Brandon stretched as he got outside the MetroLine car. "It's true what they feel like a sardine when you use Electopia's MetroLine!"

"Yeah, but it beats walking, right?"

"I guess..." Brandon looked around. "Pretty impressive looking place, but there's no place for the general public to jack in!"

"...That's because that place is inside the building..."

"Oh...that would explain a lot..." Brandon headed over and entered the main SciLab building. As he did, he thought he heard a thud coming from his PET. Had he looked, his Navi's hand was on her forehead...or so it would've, if it wasn't for her visor. "All right, where to?"

", I'll put the directions on the PET screen. That way you won't try to blame me when you get lost!"

"Hey, I'm good with directions!...As long as I can listen long enough to actually remember it all..."


Wisely ignoring Tara's remark, the operator made his way towards the public jack-in area. "And should be right in front of me!" He looked up from his PET, to find exactly what he was looking for. "Yep, here we go! Ready?"

"You betcha!"

"Then let's do it! Jack in! Target, Execute!"

(to the SciLab net!)
"Well, that was interesting. What do you wanna do next?" Brandon placed his PET back on his side, and made his way for the transport out of SciLab. "As awesome as that last battle ended up being for us, I think we should stay out of SciLab Area for a little while..."

"I agree! Let's go back to ACDC and brush up on our busting skills there for a little while! Plus, we get to give that FireHit some practice!"

"You and your long range moves...I'm half tempted to go buy a Sword chip to keep us balanced!"

"You could, but I saw you make some kind of trading post in that battle! You need to get as much cash as you can so you can get something from that!"

"...I hate it when you're right like that..." Having reached it at this point, the operator boarded the MetroLine, and made his way for ACDC, or, as he was starting to know it as, The Land of Easy Viruses...

(The triumphant return to ACDC!)