The Cafe

Swift sat in the patio, nursing a mug of coffee he had just recieved from the counter inside the cafe. It was a little mild for his tastes, but at least it was coffee.
"Swift, you coffeeholic, you." The life-size hologram sitting across from him chortled. Gunner had made a full recovery, aided somewhat by the HP Memories that Swift had just installed.
"You're just saying that because you've never had any. Should I find a Netcafe for you?" Swift was surprisingly relaxed. He had been unable to find what had caused the interference in the Net... But whatever it was, it seemed to have stopped. And when you can do nothing, you can relax, no matter how dire the situation, he mused, hardly noticing that Gunner had started to reply.
"No, it's not that. You literally drink anywhere from five to ten cups a day. And I never see you get jittery, either. That takes some superhuman composition."
Swift gave a melodramatic sigh. "Alright, you've found me out. I have a terrible secret."
Gunner suppressed a chuckle. "Tell me, you scum." He demanded in his best bad-cop accent.
Swift held his cup out dramatically. "It's decaf." He gave Gunner a smug smile and returned to his drink. Gunner laughed.
"So, when is this Area girl going to show up...?" He thought out loud, not expecting a reply.
"...You do realize you have no idea of how he looks like?" mumbled Divinity softly as she sat on Area's shoulder. Her new design gave her more freedom, an interesting new look and she was rid of the staff she decided was unimportant. But she was still the size of a tiny fairy without the fairy dust. "No..." replied Area softly as she sighed softly, "You'd think we would have thought about that." Divinity stood up slowly and flapped her wings slowly to float in front of Area's face. Her arms crossed she spoke to her Operator, "He edited his post. He wears a fedora." Slowly lifting her eyebrow at his comment, Area replied with a joking undertone in her voice, "A... Fedora? In what century are we living again...? He must be some old guy, I think, to wear something like that." Area softly laughed while holding her hand in front of her mouth as a fist while Divinity turned around and coughed to get Area's attention.

"Or he's younger than you..." she said as she pointed at Swift, "I presume that is him." "Irony loves kicking me in the butt," muttered Area as she turned her head away for a few seconds. Turning it back to face Swift, she slowly walked over to him while Divinity returned to Area's right shoulder. Stopping close to Swift and Gunner's hologram, she raised her left hand casually while Divinity raised her right hand. "Yoh," she spoke out to them, "My name is Area. This is my Navi Divinity." "Charmed." "Shall we get to the Net business swiftly? Uh, I mean... Quickly?" Area held her left hand quickly behind her head, laughing slightly as she kept her eyes on the two. Divinity sighed and muttered under her breath, "Let's see how this will end..."
Swift politely tipped his fedora to the two ladies before him. "Nice to meet you two. I'm Swift, as you may have guessed, and this is my navi Gunner."
"Hi." Gunner replied with a brisk nod.
"Anyway, let's get to business..." Swift looked around the cafe, searching for a port. "Ah! The coffee machine!" Gunner's hologram dissolved back into the PET moments before he was sent to the Net via an infrared beam of light.
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"Why does that seem ironic?" said Area as she saw Swift looking at the coffee machine to access the internet. "Probably since we met him with a cup of coffee in his hand..." muttered Divinity before she returned to her PET again. Area took Gunner's seat after he disappeared and sat down in front of Swift. She held her PET out towards the same coffee machine as Swift and transported Divinity into the Net.
Lifting her butt from the chair, she held her hands on the table and bended forwards a bit as she looked at Swift. "I have to leave," she said softly, "But I'm sure we'll meet again." Taking a few steps away from her chair, she moved her head towards her shoulder as to not look at him directly and spoke at him. "As Divinity already stated... Be careful. We wouldn't want to lose a friend already. Oh, and... Don't expect a hug from me." Her mouth turned into a grin which was clearly visible for Swift and she turned her head away and left the building. From a window close to the door it was visible that Area immediately started to run towards her next destination.
Swift chuckled happily as he rose to his feet. He had made some valuable friends, gained some powerful chips, and acquired a new taste for milder blends of coffee... And it had certainly been fun to watch Gunner squirm. All in all, a good run. He dropped a couple coins on the table -- payment, plus a tip -- and slowly walked out of the patio, humming to himself.