Prelude of a Fight

Standing close to the entrance of the colosseum, Na'im stopped and walked over to the side so he wouldn't be in the way of others. "How are we supposed to get his attention," Na'im muttered as he stroked his chin, "What was his Navi's name, Djinni?"

"Dee Enn Arr!" Djinni exclaimed as she formed the letters with her arms and her body. After putting her arms at her side again, she continued talking, "He was kind of like a doctor. I couldn't really see him that well."

"Now to get a way to attract his attention this way. Without it looking like I'm hunting for prey..." Na'im said and turned to Djinni, "Let's just go about this the easy way. I think they'll come, won't they?"

Crossing her arms in front of her face and holding her hands opened, Djinni made a small flame above each finger and started waving them in front of her to form the letters 'DNR' in front of them. "It's just a hologram, but we don't have any paper..." Djinni said, thinking that the same effect could be executed with a pen and paper. Positioning the letters so anyone could read it properly, she also increased their size so it would catch everyone's eyes. "That ought to do it," Djinni said and sent a thumbs up at Na'im.
As the duo leave the battle stations, battered and disheveled from the unfortunate circumstances, DNR and Polonius both stretch at the same time. "Ugh... that was horrible... lost not once, but TWICE! Am I really like the lamest navi in this darn forsaken country!" DNR said as his hologram came out, massaging his temples in anger.

"Now now... Maybe we were just too weak?"

"Weak? That has nothing to do with it! But either way... we should do something to rectify this... Oh say aren't those two we lost over there?" DNR said as he pointed over to Na'im and Djinni. "Guess they probably wanna rub it in our faces... well... let's let them have their fill..." Polonius said as he walked over to Na'im. "So... wh-what d-do you t-two want?" the shy med student said, ready for whatever they may say.
Looking at Polonius, Na'im nodded slowly and started talking while Djinni waved away the flaming holographic letters, "A rematch, that is what we want." He crossed his arms, looking towards the direction they had come from, and continued speaking, "What happened there was unexpected and unfortunate... It was not something we had expected." Na'im then turned to Polonius and continued to speaking, "We think it was a flaw in the system."

"That said..." Djinni started as she floated onto Na'im's opened hand. Once she reached her position, she pointed at DNR and continued to speak, "Your request for a rematch touched our very souls. It is something we wish as well."

"After being with Djinni and fighting viruses and others," Na'im started, "I realize I'm more into this for the fun of teamwork and excitement of battles than I'm in it for materialistic things like money." Taking his PET, he folded out the stand below it so it could be placed on the ground and started tapping on the PET's screen. "How about this? For our rematch, I'll wager the eventual rewards we will receive," Na'im said as he typed out the message on the PET's screen, "If you win, we exchange rewards. If you lose, then you will not lose anything."

"The only thing we request in return for this opportunity is you going all out," Djinni said as she grinned while sliding the veil covering the bottom side of her face downwards.

"If you give us your e-mail, we will send you a formal challenge for the match," Na'im continued with as his fingers waited above the PET's screen, waiting for the e-mail of Polonius, "We'll also arrange a proper field for the field so something like this can't happen again."
"A rematch huh?" Polonius asked with a raised eyebrow of his dark-skinned face.

"Touched your very souls has it?" DNR remarked with a wide, shark-like smirk on his face.

The duo looked at each other with curiosity. They had a chance to finally proove their worth? Who would be foolish enough to say no? "We'll take it!" they said at the same time.

"Let's see... my email is..." Polonius said to the Whazzapian. "Oh! I almost forgot! Ummm.... WHAZZAP?" Polonius said in an awkward fashion, getting a bit of a sweat drop from his face.

"WHAZZAP?" DNR said, raising his own eyebrow in curiosity.

"Y-yeah.... ooohhhh... darn... I-I gotta go to the bathroom! I'll see you guys later ok! I'll make sure to be at my best!" Polonius quickly said as he ran out of the lobby.

Getting out, he then quickly ran over to the metro, making sure no one was looking. "We're going to the park aren't we?" DNR remarked with a smile as they went down stairs.

"Yeah... let's just hope this little change of scenery will be interesting..."