Rose and Kedamono in the Colosseum

After Rose entered, she took a look around. Besides a similar crowding to that which she had encountered outside, she noticed the décor and, more importantly, the receptionist. She made her way through the crowds once again to speak to the woman.

She was then informed that there were vacancies that day as far as stations went, but that she'd have to register online. After receiving the address of the Colisseum's BBS, she thanked the receptionist and made her way back towards the seats and the walls, where it was less crowded.

While she awaited Kedamono, she put up the BBS thread. I'll have to fill her in once she finds me. Rose thought. Poor girl, she doesn't seem very assertive. I hope she'll make it here easily enough, and not get bumped around by the crowds.
Kedamono managed to find Rose quickly as she made her way through the crowds as gracefully as possible in a tight space. "Hey Rose, good thing these crowds are so small today, it wald have taken longer to find you if it was any larger." Kedamono said as she brushed herself off from the random passerby bumping into her.
"Yeah, that's good." Rose said, slightly distracted. "Say, Kedamono, I'm setting up our Official battle information on this online thing, and I have a couple questions; Do you have any particular conditions for our battle in mind, other than the 5 chip limit, and what's your last name, again?"

Rose did feel someone awkward asking her for her last name, but she couldn't remember if she had been told, or if she had been, it escaped her.
" last name is Kodarashi, but thats off my biological mother's side, but, yea, the chip limits..." she said before koumori interupted her.
"No time bomb, no aqua balloon, SummonerMan is not allowed to use his SP and I guess we can randomise our chips to make things fairer." Koumori said, telling what she wanted as the conditions of the battle.
Oh, her parents were separated, I suppose. Rose thought, as she jotted down the last name.

"Alright," Rose said, after Koumori had suggested the limitations, "But what exactly do you mean by randomized chips?" she asked.
"We put all our chips into a pile, so to speak, and the colosseum attendant will choose 5 chips at random for both of us, minus the coutbomb and aquaballoon." Koumori said as she looked at the chip data library that kedamono had made in her spare time. But...can I use the chips effectively to beat him? Koumori thought to herself.
"Alright, I can deal with that." Rose said, slighlty softly as she continued typing up the thread.

No Dragon, no TimeBomb or Aquaballoon, and I only get 5 random chips. This may be a little more interesting than I thought. SummonerMan mused, as he started going over all the chips he could think of that either he or Koumori had.

Rose, meanwhile, completed the Registration type thread, and informed Kedamono of it. "Alright, so now, if you'll just go here..." she indicated the location that Kedmono needed to post, "and say that you accept, we'll just have to wait to be confirmed and we can go." She said, now more excited and happy.
"'s done, all we need to do now is wait for an attendant to respond and get an arena for us to use." Kedamono said as she turned up to rose.
After recieving the responses she had from the Colosseum Admin, she paused for a moment, and turned to Kedamono. "Hey, Kedamono, before you pst, what do you think about that "Extreme Deathmatch" awesome?" Rose asked her partner.

"I mean, there's no "Death" involved, and it received positive reviews. It could be fun." She suggested.

She awaited her friend's response.
"N-No, I really don't feel like chanceing things...but, it seems we have our folders for the fight and it looks like the arena is ready for us to fight in, lets jack our navis in and may the best navi win." Kedamono said as she managed a smile before jacking Koumori into the arena's network.
"Ok, Kedamono." Rose said happily. "I'll jack right in then, too."
"Damn it..." Kedamono breathed as she was sent back to the PET, she was OK, but her pride had taken a huge beating. "Just a couple attacks...I would have won..." she mumbled as kedamono sent back the chip data that wasn't hers and obtained her own.
"Oh well, a single loss is nothing to be sad about, You fought well Koumori." Kedamono said as she brought out a small card from her shorts pocket. "I'm sorry that I can't hang out longer Rose, but I have a couple things to, my card, I work at the Yoka zoo, my E-mail is on it, so you can contact me when you feel the need to." She said with a smile as she handed it out to Rose.
SummonerMan, too, was returned to his PeT soon after the final blow. He seemed satisfied, but by now means overjoyed. I won, so I guess that's great and all... But I expected to win, and to come so close isn't good. I'll need to step it up a notch. He thought to himself.

"Well, that was fun." Rose said, as she turned to her human friend. "You all did really well, it was pretty close."

"Oh, don't worry about it. Everyone has things to do sometimes." Rose casually replied after being told by Kedamono that they needed to cut off the engagement.

Taking the card that she was offered, she looked it over quickly before replying. "Oh, thanks. I'd give you my card, too, but I don't have one." She rubbed the back of her head in a somewhat nervous gesture as she said this, thinking all the while that she, "Really needs to get some of those.". She pocketed the card. "Well, my e-mail address is "", but just in case I'll send you an e-mail and you can get my address from there."

SummonerMan had no parting words for Koumori, assuming she had none for him, so he took this time to just relax while the PeT automatically healed him.

Rose decided that she best be off. She waved goodbye to her new friend, and wished her good luck with whatever thing she had to do, before running out the door to the parking lot.
"Well, lets go to the beach to do the mission that I took from the police." Kedamono said as she began to walk out of the arena. long as I have a chance to relax...I can't complain... Koumori thought as the PET had just finished healing her and had sent the E-mail, she quietly dozed off while kedamono got onto the metro and headed towards the beach for the mission.