Steve in the Colosseum

Steve came in though the double doors of the Colosseum and let out a low whistle.

"Man, this place is all big and modern and stuff. Cool." he said as he suantered up to the counter and smiled at the receptionist. "Hi. I resevered an arena earlier. Steve and Sieg for a Netbattle."

The receptionist smiled, then checked her terminal. "Let's see... Steve and Sieg... Ah yes, here it is! Arena number six, right down the hall there. Sieg Navi has already jacked in, so you know." she smilled sweetly again.

"Okay, thanks a lot! Come on Druidman, we'll be late!" Steve said as he rushed down the hallway.
With a sigh, Steve stared at the screen of his PET as a small beep indicated that Druidman had returned safely in hibernation mode. Getting some Zenny was awfully nice, considering that he had tied. If only he could have used chips...

But oh well. A navi isn't made of chips. It's made of much sterner stuff.

"That was a good battle!" Steve yelled over the now fading hologram of the arena, towards Seig. "I hope we can settle which of us is the better of the two next time!" he said, and, laughing like a madman, flicked a casual wave over his shoulder as he turned and walked out of the Colosseum.