Early morning in ACDC

Layla was asleep in her one bedroom apartment. The apartment wasn't small at all, and was more like a one bedroom suite. Everything was luxurious, she had the king sized bed all to herself. "Brinnnnnnnnng, brinnnnnnnnng, brinnnnnnnnnng." Her PET's alarm went off, right beside her head. As if she wasn't aware it was an alarm, she jumped out of bed, doing a tactical roll over behind a desk to take cover. A few seconds went by however, and she realized it was just her time to wake up. "I was dreaming some crazy dreams..." She laughed her actions off quietly and went to turn the alarm off. "Good morning Frio!"

"God morning ma'am. How did you sleep?" He asked, already hearing her speak about her dreams.

"Ehhhh, not so great. Dreams had me moving all over the place." She frowned, "but I guess I had to wake up sometime." Layla lifted her arms above her, and started stretching. Her black and blue hair wasn't exactly at its best at this time of day, as it was all frizzy and whatnot from the pillows. Her body however would catch any guys attention at anytime of day. Her icy blue laced undergarments just seemed to give her an angelic, yet not so innocent aura. "Ohhhhh, its chilly, I must put some clothes on." She walked over to her dresser, opened up one of the many drawers pulled out some white sweat pants, and a black plain tank top. It only took seconds for her to slide the cloths on over her underclothes, the tank didnt really hide much of the bra, while the sweats were quite baggy, yet the shape of Layla's booty could still be seen.

"So miss, what are we going to do today?" The navi questioned his owner, and eagerly waited a response.

"Well we haven't been here that long, and I'm sure a mission will be given to us soon, so Maybe we should familiarize ourselves with ACDC's network?" She yawned still not fully awake. "Hows a little morning virus busting sound to you?"

"Hmmmmmm, I could you use some exercise. Time to hunt!" Frio growled a not so intimidating growl.

"Haha you're so cute when you let out that baby roar." Layla giggled

"Dont make fun of me..." Frio pouted, and could be seen folding his arms, frowning on the screen of the PET. "Can we just jack in already..."

"Of course we can pumpkin." She giggled again as she plugged the cord into the port of her big touch screen computer in the corner of the room. "Frio.exe jack in!"
The day had a very accomplishing feel to it. Her navi was able to surf deeper into the net then they had ever gone before. If that wasn't fun enough, the payout helped them get a few rewards. Frio was stronger now, and the two had become even closer. This new life in ACDC Town, away from her homeland was shaping up to be not so bad... at least for now. Now that Frio was powered up, and had a bounty to chase it looked like tomorrow was going to consist of pretty much the same thing.

Layla striped down to her undergarments once again, as this was how she normally slept. Slipping into the bed, it was time to get some rest and prepare for a good day. "You did a really good job today baby boy. I'm proud to be your operator."

The PET was on a small desk beside the bed, with the screen facing the ceiling, so neither navi or operator were facing each other. Frio responded anyways, "And I am proud to be your navi. We've been through so much together, and our life seems to have alot more in store for us."

"That is right, no matter what though. We will have each other." Layla's response came happily, even though a small tear dripped down her left cheek. Thoughts of a normal life, with her parents flashed through her mind. "I'm going to get some rest Frio. I'll see you in the morning."

"Rest easy buddy."


The next day seemed to come way to quick. The sun wasn't very bright, probably because the clouds hid it. Yet Layla snapped out of her sleep, probably from a nightmare. Small beads of sweat doused the girl's forehead. It took a moment to slow her breath down, and reach a normal pace while whispering to herself, "It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay."

"Another nightmare?" Frio's voice echoed from the speaker, "You're right buddy, it is going to be okay."

"I know, I know. Let's just get today started." Not bothering with anything else, Layla walked to the computer and jacked Frio into the net. "Let's get even stronger today Frio."
Frio wasn't in the PET for long, just enough to recover fully from his last battle. "I'm ready to go Layla." His tone came across as disappointed with an edge of enthusiasm to go out and redeem himself.

"Lefs hif one of these lower level nets up so we can buy some more upgrades, jack in!." The operator plugged the cord in and the process began again.
This is where her navi just was.

Frio returned to the PET in timely fashion. "That was a good morning workout." He stretched out and laid down on whatever type of environment the inside of a PET provided.

"Yes it was some good morning busting, but lets go get some stuff done. Want to get stronger?" Layla walked over to her closet, and gave it a look through. Finally selecting some some neon pink spandex yoga pant, and a solid black dri-fit tank top she quickly changed, throwing on some clean all white running shoes. "I think this will do for today." The young lady gave herself a look in the mirror, smiled, grabbed her PET and jetted out the door.
This is where her Navi was last.
Layla just returned home from the Navi Shop.

After returning home from their adventure with Gary/WarriorMan, and the phone call scare. Layla set on her bed. "There's not much we can do about it now. "It's not his style to act immediately... he's gonna savor the flavor of having me keep my guard up. Layla stripped down to her icy blue matching under clothes, and got under the covers. "Make sure the security system is activated. Let's get some rest and prepare for the future."

The next day, she woke from yet another nightmare... seeing that the phone call obviously didn't help that situation.

"Maybe you need to get away from here for a moment. After you went to sleep last night, I did some research and I found good things about this little get away spot galled the Burnt-Gold Hanamichi. "Let's go check it out. It'd be a nice change of scenery and will get us out of ACDC for the time being. We can focus on our problems when we come back." Frio smiled as his words echoed from the speaker on the PET.

She bounced the idea of leaving in her head for a moment. "I don't know..."

"Lay, I'm telling you. I think it would be good for us. You especially. They have an Inn and a Bath House. Pack a suitcase for Yoka, and let's go. I already got us a metroline ticket."

"Oh really? Well I guess I have no choice." Layla finally went for the suggestion, and headed to her closet. As girls usually do she began to overpack. Throwing in various outfits, and accessories. Finally she dressed her self in a blush colored long sleeve dress that went to her mid-thigh. The dress fit snug around the top halve of her body, while it fanned out at her waste, She slid on some cream colored nylon pantyhose, before sticking her feet into some light hazel leather boots the went to half of her shin, and to complete her outfit she covered her neck line with a thick creamy scarf with a few blush accents designed into it. "Well I'm Yoka ready lets go."

This is where she went.