ACDC's Amazing Coffee!

Joseph entered one of his favorite spots in ACDC Town. ACDC's Amazing Coffee. It was never super rowdy, and just a really nice place to be. Once in, it was a small room made of dark oak. Various burgundy and gold fixtures trimmed the room out to give it life. At the end, to the left there was a bar that could set roughly five people st the most. It seemed that today, Joseph was only one there. This place was great, providing GOOD coffee, and always a cute waitress.

He sat himself at the bar, which was real fancy. It was connected to the net, along with having various spouts for making their special recipes. Behind the bar was a cute girl, who looked to be maybe seventeen, eighteen years old. She had tannish skin, long her black wavy hair that ran to her shoulders. She wore a a white button down silk long sleeve shirt, that was tucked into a short pleated, burgundy skirt that dropped a little over mid thigh. Nude color stockings covered her legs, blending well with her skin. A pair of simple, black shoes covered her feet, most likely due for comfort. With her piercing emerald eyes locked on her new customer she smiled, "Hey. Welcome to ACDC's Amazing Coffee! My names Birdy, how can I help you today?"

Taking a seat closest to the wall at the bar he responded, "I'll take an iced caramel macchiato please." He looked at the waitress, and had a light shade of red on his face. Cute girls were never his strong suit. "I'll... I'll probably be here for a while. So keep me energized please"

Birdy noticed his slight blush, and smiled. "That's no problem, one iced caramel macchiato Coming right up." She prepped the cold beverage quickly, doing many unnecessary twiirls and spins with her body as she switched between the bar and infridents on a counter behind her. "Here ya go sweetie, let me know if you need anything else."

"Will do, thanks." He replied while reaching into his pocket to grab his PET. Being a third generation model it was a little bulky and uncomfortable when it came to the pockets of his slim jeans. "Sparks.EXE! jack in!" The plug was inserted into the outlet on the bar that was meant for his seat.

This is where Sparks was sent.
Joseph finished up his icy beverage, "Im finished, Could I get my check please."

"Don't worry about it this time darlin... Just make sure you come back." She smiled and gave him a wink. While also sliding him a small piece of paper that had an e-mail address on it. "Let's get together sometime."

Joseph blushed again, this time his face an even brighter red. "Yeah... yeah... yes ma'am." He grabbed the paper, folded it neatly and put it in his pocket. "Thanks again. I have to go now."

((Headed to navi shop))