Knight Time

It was finally happening. She was now standing on Electopian soil, all the arrangements for an extended stay made...with some effort, the long dead group known to the world as the Officials would rise again! But, something was bothering the young Netopian woman. "Hey, DragonMan? Everyone's stopping and looking at me. I heard that Electopians weren't great with foreigners, but this seems kinda excessive..."

She brought up her PET to get a look at her Navi, a fairly large reptilian Navi. It almost looked like it was incapable of reasonable thought, much less being able to answer the question. "I imagine it's more they're unused to seeing ladies such as yourself in battle armor."

"Oh, I guess that's true." Indeed, there was not a major part of her body with some sort of metal on it. "So! Day 1 of the New Oofficials! What do you think we should do? Take on a problem or two? Virus bust?"

"Well, I don't know what you plan to do, but I plan to remain here, and ensure the homepage remains functional. An organization without a base of operations is a rather terrible organization."

"Oh yeah, I left you behind to take care of that, huh? Well, that puts a damper on things."

"I'm sure you'll find something to do without me. Now, I'd like to take my leave. The faster I'm done here, the faster I can get to doing things that aren't mind numbingly tedious."


"Good. See you later, Ruby."

The woman sighed, and looked around. No one seemed to be in any trouble nearby...she could only think of one thing to do. She really didn't like crawling to the GNA, though...but what else could she do? Oh well. Time to swallow her pride and get writing, like it or not.
"I'm home!"

Truthfully, Ruby's home away from home was little better than a motel room. It had a bed, a couple of tables with chairs, a TV, a closet, a bathroom area, a kitchen area...and that was about it. Atop one of the tables was an old looking, but still perfectly functional, PC, which was where she headed for. "You hear me, DragonMan? I'm back!"

"...Zzz...zzmmph...who's making that racket? ...Ah, it's you. Excellent, I'd been driven to sleep mode since finishing this confounded homepage!"

"Let's see...ooh, nice job! The floating effect is really cool!"

"Well, at any rate, I finished it an hour or so ago, and that was only because I spent some extra time bringing in some...extras."


"See that ivy on the columns? Straight from Green Town. And our fountain? Its water source is in Seaside Town. The Navi I called to bring it in claimed it has healing properties, but he seemed a bit...damaged. There was water leaking from his head, and he couldn't even say anything without dripping. Though when I offered to patch him up, he seemed a bit offput."

"Seems like you really went all out! Although, I gotta ask-"

"It didn't cost a thing. I simply asked, and I received."

"Oh, well, that's great!"

"I figured you'd like it. Now, what is that you're holding? Seems like some kind of sword."

"What, this? Yeah!" She unsheathed the blade, to show it to her Navi. "I ended up participating in a...swordsmanship contest while I was out. I won, and I was rewarded with this! It's not great for general cutting, but check out that craftsmanship!"

"It does seem to be well made. I imagine you were quite ecstatic about getting it."

"Of course I was! Who wouldn't want a blade as well made as this? But don't feel left out, you got your own! Tada!"

"A...BattleChip? Wait, that virus on it...isn't that-"

"A FireSword chip? Yep! Hope you're still into cutting things to ribbons with your claws!"

"Excellent! Ah, a fine chip like that stokes the flames of my heart!"



"Just wondering if you're being literal or figurative."

"...At any's the sort of thing I'd very much like to test for myself. In the field. ...Now would be a good time."

"What? I just got home! I don't even get a few minutes to relax first?"

"You sit down, give me that FireSword after I run into viruses, and watch me wreak havoc. What's not relaxing about that?"

"...Oh, all right. Get back into the PET, and tell me where you want to go."

"I'd say that ideally, we go somewhere with little traffic. Perhaps the internet region for Hades Isle would suffice. It's abandoned in the real world, and the Net version fares little better. Even many Fire Navis are offput by its hellish landscape."

"...It definitely seems like a place where you can cut loose without worrying about accidentally slicing someone. All right, but be careful. A place like that could get dangerous real quick."

"Hmph, things will get dangerous. But not for me!"

"If you're sure. Jack in! DragonMan, Execute!" And into the computer he went. Hopefully he was exaggerating just a little about that Hades Isle...

DragonMan found himself returned to his home PET, though his confused expression implied that he wasn't sure why. "...What's so important that you had to recall me?"

"...You were hurt. Don't you remember?"

"...Ah, yes. Now that you mention it, I did receive a wound from that first battle, didn't I? Well, it's already healed, since it was minor. So, shall we begin in earnest?"

"Yep, no more delays!" Point at computer, press button. "Jack in! DragonMan, Execute!"

And, back into the PET DragonMan went. "So, now that I'm, exactly, do you intend to head over there? Didn't you say you needed to be within a certain distance of the location to ensure you can access it without drawing the authorities' ire?"

"Yeah, if we're close enough, we won't need to...oh. I see what you mean. ...Crap." Yeah, it was getting late...might want to hold off on that until tomorrow, since she didn't know the exact spot she was going. "Well, great. Now what?"

"Now, you can send me somewhere else to battle, or watch TV, or whatever it is people do when they're bored."

"Well, we know what that sort of thing is for me. Off to the BBS!" Open up Internet City, and...

"Wait, that's not what I meant! You should really relax...oh, who am I kidding? She's not listening anyway..." A few minutes passed, as the details of the inevitable were quickly agreed upon. "Well, I see you've picked one."

"Yeah. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure about it...but if I'm there, I can at least make sure it's all on the level."

"Indeed. Unlike some that might accept it, you wouldn't get suckered by a smooth talking con."

"Let's hope that's the case." Let's see...ah, right. She should leave the sword she got from SAWAD-Fest here. She had a hard enough with metal detectors as it was. "All right, now that I'm down to plastic weaponry, guess I'm good to go. ...You're okay with this, right, DragonMan? The request did say my Navi might be needed."

"Hmph, at least this time I can be on the front lines, instead of dealing with web design."

"I'll take that as a yes. I suppose we're off to ElecTown, then!" ...Again. Hopefully she'd be able to wear more than a metal bikini this time.