With a groan and a stir, a young man would awake from his slumber, the world outside bright and cheerful despite his attitude anymore. Putting on his glasses and his clothes, he'd download an attachment from Jay, as well as a (slightly) altered starting folder. But he'd quickly get everything set up, and with a few clicks and button presses, a navi materialized in front of him. A full female form with animalistic features, big blue eyes and a...*ahem* well formed body showed up on his computer screen and gave a smile.

Long time. Tim. She said in a deeper tone of voice that Timmy was used to, but all he could do was smile. Way too long Nikko. He replied.

As the two talked, time seemed to fly by as the two would re-aquatint with one another, before things slowed down for a moment...before things turned. Nnnnn...Bored. The navi spoke, a twitch as her data glitched out for a second, red coming towards her eyes for a split second before disapearing. Well...I heard there's this place you can get virus bounties from. Pretty recent. Pick a target on the nets...and you start deleting them in mass until satisfied. He'd explain in turn. This seemed to pique the navi's interest. I'll head right down there then,
see what kind of bounties I can get.
She said before disappearing into the net. The boy could only laugh to himself as she disappeared, like a cat with a piece of string. Heh. The more things change...the more they stay the same I suppose.