Unemployed and Uninterested

It had been three days since the math teacher of ACDC Intermediate had quit so suddenly and without reasons that had been made available to the public, hiding away in his small apartment home and just...doing nothing of interest. His navi cooped up in his PET and having not made much of a move since the incident.

The man just sighed on his couch, hair unkept and messy, stinking highly of alcohol and body odor and most certainly being demonized by the man that did what he did to his navi...an abomination on the level of Frankenstein's Monster, held together by what amounted to chewing gum and duct tape as far as things were concerned. The man on the couch barely wearing anything, just a pair of boxer shorts and an undershirt, the latter stained with days of ramen and booze drippings.

He lamented, staring into the ether and doing little else. Thinking. Mauling over his options. With a long sigh, he finally spoke to nobody in particular. What am I gonna do? He asked, blinking, looking around. I did everything I could...I didn't do anything wrong...and yet...things happened like they did...why? Was I too trusting? He lamented, asking himself as he closed his eyes. If my students saw me now...what would they think? Then again...they probably have a new teacher by now, god knows they had spares just in case...disposable... He groaned, thinking about it...was that what he was? Disposable?

As he mauled over everything, a flickering screen popped up, his PET coming to life on the coffee table in front of him. A booming, gruff and monstrous voice coming to life. Not. Your. Fault. The voice responded, Joseph blinking as he reached out slowly to pick up the black and green PET, holding it to his face. A sad smile coming to him as he looked at the bloodshot eyes in front of him. Asymptote... He breathed, the voice continuing. You. Did. Nothing. WRONG! The other voice slowly boomed. He. Do. Wrong. HE. MUST. PUNISHED! It continued, growling as he watched his operator with sad eyes. Get. STRONGER! Find. Villain. FIX! He yelled, pain in his eyes as he spoke.

Joseph would sigh, closing his eyes as he reached over to grab at his glasses, pulling them to his face firmly. He thought intently on what had happened, what his navi was saying. He understood him better than anything in the world. You sure? It's dangerous out there...and with your...appearance...you might be mistaken as a monster and be attacked...though I hear ACDC is the easiest of the networks to traverse... Joseph rambled, asking his navi. He knew what might happen if Asymptote were to be let loose into the network, but...then again, there might be better ways of going about this... It. FINE! Fight. Get stronger. Die trying... was the navi's response. His operator sighing and giving his navi a weak smile. Alright then...Jack in. Asymptote.

To: ACDC Network
Returning to his PET, Asymptote was met with a fully dressed and cleaned up Joseph, the man wearing what could only be argued to be "Winter Attire" consisting of a black dress shirt and pants with a white undershirt and a pair of casual boots. You're back. Good. Joseph mumbled as he picked up the PET, as well as a cash card. I hear there's a Bounty Shop in Netopia, why don't you go pay that a visit? I'm gonna go out towards the chip and navi shops to pick up a few things. Hopefully, nothing bad happens while we're out.

Asymptote wordlessly nodded at his netop and would sit in his PET for a bit, the chip and navi shops would take a little bit, so he had time to rest for the moment before going back into the networks.