Eyes Up (Open)

Three days of traveling, one flight, ten drives. That's all it took to ship a man across Electopia. What of someone from NetVegas? No problem.

Isaac had been traveling for days, his legs ached, his head pounded with stress of coming to a new world. He'd cashed out. Started over. All zenny he'd earned in NetVegas from his detective work was gone, and he knew the crook he was chasing had to be here, there was nowhere else to run. DenCity had to be the place for him to hide. For now, a shuttle bus was just landing out here at ACDC, which was an odd sight. The long faced private eye stepped off, dressed in flannel shirt, dress shoes and jeans. He wore false glasses, transitional lenses that were purely cosmetic. For now, he held a single briefcase, just the bare essentials he'd need to start again. He was looking for 288 Metool loop. Flipping out his dinged up PeT, he began to talk to his Navi whilst walking.

"Here we are, Spook," he began, "DenCity's finest." "Alright, boss. What's the scoop?" "We get to our new place, set up, and begin operations. After, of course, we meet our contact. Greg's got us set up with a local to help us out." "He's like a spider, boss, right?" "His web stretches pretty far."

With that little conversation aside, he closed his PeT like a flip-phone and continued walking, braced and ready for anything. Apparently Greg, a small-time crime lord turned neighborhood watch in NetVegas, had contacts and connections as far out as here. He wasn't notable for anything great or highly illegal, but he'd been a valuable asset in many of Isaac's cases. He even owned land out here, and was giving it to Isaac as a cashed in favor! For now, he'd need to find this contact, and get his way to 288 Metool loop. He knew if the contact were to approach him, he wouldn't be called Isaac, rather, by an on-job name he often used... Gumshoe Daniel.
As was usually the case in ACDC town, it was... quiet. It was early afternoon and the light was just beginning to fade, and what occasionally passed for 'bustle' in the sleepy town had already been and gone, leaving the kind of quietude that you only find in small, homely neighbourhoods. There hadn't been anyone to meet Isaac when he'd gotten off the shuttle, and he didn't see another civilian until he'd left the terminal completely. It would only be a short walk to the square in the middle of town, but a voice greeted him before he could go too far.

"You'll be him then... Few enough new faces around here..." The voice was female, and came from a figure who had been leading casually against the wall of the shuttle terminal with her arms folded, mostly obscured by the aesthetic shrubbery lining the exit, until Isaac had walked forward past her a little. she was dressed in a simple white blouse, light and airy, and a denim skirt that came down below her knees. Reddish-brown hair that fell loose over her shoulders, with a slight curl to it and green eyes flicked over the PI once to take him in, then settled on his own face. She tilted her head slightly, then shoved herself off the wall and approached him, holding out one hand to offer a shake. "Daniel, right? Call me Netti. Our mutual acquaintance told me to help you get settled. Come on, it's this way." Whether he shook hands or not, Netti offered him a small grin, good-natured, if a little resigned, then walked on, beckoning with one hand as she led him across the square and then down one of the southern-turning streets. She chatted while she walked, quietly to match the general quiet of the evening town.

"It's a small enough place once you get familiar with it. Not too much to do here, but I'm guessing you'll be busy enough. I wasn't told much about why you're here with nothing but what you bring, but I'm not going to ask questions either." Her hands rested in a loose clasp behind her back as she strolled, though as casual as her stride seemed she still set a fairly swift pace - she was wearing running shoes, rather than anything fancier. "Unless you feel like telling, of course..." Here, her head turned to glance at him, and she cast him a brief wink. "Doesn't much matter if you're running or chasing, things just seem to slow down, here... relax, you know? It's hard to feel like the world's hammering on your door, in a little place like this. Here we are..." They had made a couple more turnings as they'd walked, and arrived at the address Isaac had been directed to. It was a small place, nothing fancy - one person, or two at close quarters, with very simple architecture. Nettie paused by the front door, pulling a single key from the front of her blouse and unlocking it, then tossed it to Isaac. "Come on, I'll show you about."

She waved him in as she passed through the door herself. There was a small space for shoes coats and hats, before the home opened into its main living space. The kitchenette was attached, and compact, though mercifully not too cramped. It was neatly furnished, though not extravagant, and Netti wandered into the middle of the room and turned about.

"Kitchen here, bedroom back there, laundry and washroom through there. Net access is wireless, and there's a grounded jack-in port in the bedroom, kitchen and just over here, in the living space. Shops close a bit earlier than you might be used to here, and they don't open at all on Sundays. Now..." Her demeanour changed subtly and she leaned back on the kitchen counter top, folding her arms and eyeing him carefully. "Is there anything else you need, Gumshoe Daniel...?"

As he shook Netti's hand, Daniel gave a bit of a nod, one that Greg had often taught his contacts to give to one another to ensure their legitimacy. This such nod was a turn to the left shoulder, and raise of the brow. Simple, but effective. He remembered the first time he'd been contracted to such a job, it was exciting. But that's not why he was here. He was here to track down a crook. A criminal. As they walked, Isaac silently took in the info, letting Spook listen intently as well. As they approached the house, and seeing the interior, he loved it already. Inconspicuous, simple, effective.

But one thing ate at him. The crook that did it, the crook that did it all.

"Yeah, Nettie, two questions."

As he began talking, 'Daniel', otherwise Isaac, took off his shoes and button down shirt, revealing his undershirt. It was a unique one, only sold in very specific NetVegas shops, floral patterns with a single hat in the center, a visor. 'Roll the Dice' it said. It was clear this was the right man from NetVegas that she'd been sent to meet.

"First and foremost, do you have any intelligence on the smuck that did this to Spook?" "H'yeah, what boss said. I needs t'know what that lil' tail-tucker looks like to whallop 'em!" Spook piped in, before being hushed by Isaac, "That brings us to my second question, any work we can take up to get Spook back into his old shoes again after that reset?"
While 'Daniel' kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt, Nettie tilted her head and raised an eyebrow watching him, though in this particular case, it obviously wasn't any kind of a secret sign. She shrugged softly, though, as he got right own to business.

"A few little bits and pieces, but nothing solid yet... at least nothing you'll be able to do much about while Spook's in that condition." She stood from where she was leaning against the counter and ducked around, crouching to pull a small electric kettle out from a cupboard under the counter. She spoke up while she filled it. "Signs point to the kind of activity you're looking for over in Electown, but there's always a lot of static there, so it might be nothing. I'd be cautious about doing any kind of net diving there with Spook like he is now, too." The kettle hummed happily as it heated the water, and Netti reached up this time to pull a cute-looking blue ceramic teapot out of an upper cupboard, along with a cannister of leaf. "Top side, you might benefit taking a wander down to Beach Street, see if anything catches your eyes. You might find something interesting. Maybe not right away though. Relax. You've got time to settle and find your feet." Netti came back around the front of the counter so she could face 'Daniel' properly, then stretched with a small yawn, raising her hands above her head. the stretch bared a broad section of her midriff, revealing a small navel piercing charm, in the shape of a knife over a crescent moon.

"In the mean time, if you want to do some ground work to help get Spook back up to scratch, I heard the GNA is always looking for extra hands to help with missions and odd jobs, and they pay well, cash, chips, custom parts, you name it. you can hit up some of the net factions too, if you want, though..." she winked at him here. "I'm guessing you might already be spoken for in that regard, perhaps." The kettle boiled and Netti began to make the tea with a casual air. "Still, it's your call on where to go from here. That's what a fresh start is all about, isn't it?"

"You mean we got more contacts on the net?"

'Daniel' questioned this move. He wasn't one for taking blind jobs, but he wasn't one to turn down a hefty price tag either. For now, he would move over to the counter, placing his right elbow upon it, and then turn to Nettie. As Nettie would continue to describe the road ahead, he'd chuckle, then burst into laughter. He didn't pound the table, but he slapped his own knee as he'd laugh. The idea tickled him pink. He'd had a few before, and this was just another under the belt. This time, it was his own idea to restart. To begin again. As Spook had been forced to though...

"If Greg let you know already, I've had a few before, not like this though." He would take a look at his new place once more, just gazing in awe... He'd never seen something so quaint. He was used to big lights, and flashy signs. Not the small town feel. He might have to talk to Greg about living here. "For now... Spook and I will get settled in, thanks again for taking up Greg's offer. You won't regret it." He wasn't lying about that, either. Greg was one of Isaac's most trusted partners, a close man. Isaac knew Greg's every move. He had him booked, and thus, Greg worked alongside him with no question. "There's a special... Quality here, though. Before you go, can you send Greg word in that he might have a future occupant after this little track-down is over?"
His contact listened while Isaac mulled over the options she'd suggested, ducking around the counter again while she poured the tea and interrupting only briefly to acquire his milk and sugar status. One cup was made according to his answer, while the other was given only skim milk from the fridge. Netti slid his cup over to him, then raised an eyebrow, grinning.

"Thinking of staying already, hmm? Can't say I blame you. I'll pass it on, but I'm sure he won't mind. You should probably know, though, I sometimes use this place as a halfway house, only ever for a night or two at a time, and only occasionally, but I've got my own key. If you're taking up residency here, I hope you won't mind if that continues from time to time. If that's no good for you, let me know, and there's a few of my things I'll get out of your hair." She sipped her tea as though the announcement was of no real consequence.

"For the rest, I wouldn't exactly say contacts, no. Eyes and ears, sometimes, but noting you should rely on. I've told you about all I've got for now, so, what you want to do with it will be up to you from here. You've always got Greg's contact details if you need, and if you want someone closer to home..." She pulled out a small, compact-looking PET from somewhere on her person and tapped a few things. "Now you've got mine as well. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to give me a buzz." She was finishing her tea already - She had only been taking small sips in between talking, but it was mostly gone now, despite that fact that Isaac's was still piping hot. When it was empty, she rinsed the cup and turned it up on the draining board of the sink.

"Now, shall I get out of your house and leave you to settle in, Daniel? It's getting late, after all, I wouldn't want to keep you up." She took a few steps towards the door, but gave the last remark with a small back turn of her head and a wink.