Park it right there

"Well, that was good as always!" Sabrina hopped up from laying on the grass, pushing buttons on her PET as she did so. "I really needed to catch up on that show, too! Too bad Electopia doesn't show it..." ...Oh, right. The time. AKA that thing she was watching television shows on her PET in order to forget about that. "9:59. Wow, I couldn't've timed that better if i tried." And indeed, she couldn't have, as the clock immediately switched to 10:00. AM, of course. Using that as a prompt, the operator pressed another button, causing her Navi to appear...and apparently, sleeping while standing up. "Wake up, sleeping beauty! Time to get up for real!"

"Hmm...?" Without opening her eyes, Splashlady began to stretch...and immediately fall over due to not realizing she wasn't laying down. "...Hey, what am I doing out here?!"

"Besides the fact it's 10 and that's the earliest I could wake you up for real? No reason."

"Already? Ugh..."

"Don't worry, I took care of some business while you were asleep! Went to the chip shop, got some Untraps, fought the chip trader and won...then I watched some TV on my PET until you woke up!"

"You won? ...Wait, Magnum2? Gaia1? You really got those from the trader?"

"Told ya I won!"

"Yes, you did. Very nice! Too bad we never seem to get anything Aqua based from the trader, though..."

"Oh, speaking of Aqua, I signed us up for a mission, since I was bored. We'll actually get some nice stuff if we make it work, but...well...see for yourself."

"I kinda wish you'd check with me before doing that, but whatever...' Windows popped up as SplashLady investigated her mission. "...Witness? I've never even heard of a MarriageMan before!"

"I know, it's weird. At first I was going to turn it down since it wasn't directly from the GNA, I think, but I figured we should get to the bottom of this, and get a couple of nice chips in the process!"

"LilBoiler3? AquaBlade? Yeah, even if we don't find anything out, we'll get some neat stuff from it. You made the right call."

"So, wanna go ahead and check it out?"

"Yeah, we should go ahead and see what's going on. I've got the coordinates input, so whenever you're all set!"

"All righty." And now, for the immortal words. "Jack in! SplashLady, Execute!"

SplashLady materialized once more in the PET, glad that the whole thing was finally done. "I'm back! Sorry I didn't restore the connection, but it turned out things were about done anyway, so..."

"I figured you were all right when I got the chip data all of a sudden, so I wasn't worried or anything. But anyway, what do you wanna do now?"

"Sleep!" Before Sabrina could object, the mermaid Navi retreated to the depths of the device she was in, vanishing from the screen...for some reason, this made her brother fall down from atop the screen, landing square on his water cannons. "Ow! What the heck just happened?!"

"I guess SplashLady didn't get enough sleep last night or something. So, you're up again!"

"Ugh, not a good start..." Rubbing his right cannon the way a regular Navi would rub an aching back (and how did cannons ache, anyway?), SplashMan stood up. As he did, he noticed that another pair of eyes was looking at him..."Blub! Hey, you're awake too!" The jellyfish waved with a tentacle, happy to see his master. " it just me, or do you look a little stronger than the last time I saw you?"

"Guess so...Blub's kinda weird like that, huh? So, as I was saying, anything you wanna do? Not like I have anything I need to do right now."

"Hmm...actually, I just got a great idea!"

"A great idea? And what's that?"

"It's a secret! Just jack me into the regular Net! No Rogue, no Chaos, just a plain old one! Doesn't matter what one, though!"


"Trust me on this one!" There was an odd look in SplashMan's eyes, that seemed to shout out 'This is the best idea I've ever come up with!'...

"So...any regular area. Do I need to actually go to said place?"

"Nah! Though, the reception's better if you do! There's always that super short lag when you don't jack into an area directly. It's hard to catch, but it's there..."

"...Uh, okay. Tell you what. I'll head for the MetroLine, and wherever it's going next, we'll work there, okay?"

"Sounds good to me!"

"Wonder where in DenCity I'll end up...?" With that question fresh off her lips, Sabrina sprung up from the bench, and went off to find out the answer.