Wilde Things: Commercial Break 2

"And thus, the Electopian flying squirrel is a misnomer, but that makes its glide no less breathtaking!"

"And, cut!!" A section of ACDC Park was abuzz, with what appeared to be a small TV show crew darting here and there. And in the center, stood a middle-aged Creamlandian, who stood out thanks to looking more like he belonged in a Netfrican safari than a sleepy suburb of Den City. A man with a megaphone walked over to him, an average looking Electopian with sunglasses. "Great job as always, Horatio! Pretty sure I never cared about flying squirrels until just now!"

"Well, that is the point of the show. But it's good to hear nonetheless!"

"I gotta admit, I thought you'd gotten rabies or something when you suggested doing a mini-series on Den City wildlife. But sure enough, you made it work. You really made it work..."

"Oh ho, well, while exploring far away lands is enchanting, it's not exactly relatable. With this, people can look out their windows and become aware of all the life surrounding them!" Beep beep! Beep beep! The safari man's PET rung, causing him to pick it up. "My apologies, ShamanMan's returned. Well, how are this proceeding"

A Navi appeared in the screen; it was entirely covered in black robes, with a witch doctor's mask covering its face. "Mmm. It is in the final stages of production. The remaining aspects are merely aestethic, however, so we may begin at any time." As one might expect of a creepy looking Navi, he possessed a rather deep voice. "I'm willing to begin the project whenever you're ready to do so."

"Ah, excellent!"

"Oh right, THAT project...we'll see if you're nuts or not on that. Though, I don't think you should do that while we're filming..."

"I've taken the liberty of discussing it with the legal team. They've given us the go-ahead, provided we emphasize that a regular Navi should not attempt to emulate us."

"Is that so...well, so long as we bring in ratings and don't get sued, I'm fine with it. Just...try not to look like you're coddling viruses too much, people might get upset over that."

"Not to worry! We will not hesitate to fight when it appears there is no reasoning with them! Isn't that right, ShamanMan?"

"Indeed! There are times to talk, and times to fight. We have been studying to become able to see which is which!

"Meh, I believe you guys. You haven't failed me yet, after all!"

"Good to hear! Now, when shall we begin the online segment of this week's show?"

"Whenever you and ShamanMan are set. Everyone's just getting ready for the cyber recording. Just jack into the squirrel statue, and it'll take you straight to ACDC Area."

"I see. ...ShamanMan, are you certain you're up for our project on top of the show?"

"I am. If we can't make such a dream a reality ourselves, who else would be willing to engage in such a mad scheme?"

"Ho ho ho! Very true, my good friend! All right, let's head onto the Net and get ready." Just had to aim the PET's infrared sensor at the squirrel statue's receiver...there. "Jack in! ShamanMan, Execute!"


A while later, the filming was completely over, and the crew had dispersed. Horatio, however, elected to remain in the park, deciding to take in the area for a bit longer and relax. "Well, ShamanMan! I suppose we're free for the rest for the day!"

"Indeed. Anything you'd like to do with your new found free time?"

"Not particularly, no. How about you?"

"...If I am to fulfill my great quest, it would be to my benefit to investigate as many locales in the cyberworld as possible. Therefore, if you don't mind, I'd like to investigate ACDC Area again. Plus, we need to determine if I can use FireKnife in my summoning..."

"A capital idea! Shall we begin immediately?"

"I see no reason why not. The recovery processes are finished, after all."

"Then we'll start post haste!" Pointing his PET at it, Horatio really had to wonder how much use the squirrel jack-in port got. It was second to none in convenient locations to enter the Net, based on his limited experience in the matter. "Jack in! ShamanMan, Execute!"