Snoozing away a perfectly good summer day on a hammock, in the ACDC area, a stocky and short man was sleeping peacefully.

Hey. Mikhail. Wake up. A soft yet masculine voice said from the man's pocket. Come on man, wake up. It piped up again, the man simply rolling onto his side in his sleep. Thank the gods I had this installed... The voice whispered to it's self, loud, painfully horrible noises starting to sound from his pocket, waking the man up in short order.

WHAT?! WHY CAN I NOT SLEEP!? The man yelled, pulling out his PET, staring down his chameleon navi with a glare. BECAUSE IT'S NOON YOU STOCKY, SHORT, BASTARD! YOU TOLD ME TO WAKE YOU UP AT NOON! The navi shouted back, the man sighing and rubbing his eyes. Remind me to put a mute button on your PET... The man said to himself. Such a nice dream too... Sucks to be you. But we have a job to do. Yes get to go into the internet today for a busting run, maybe find some scum we can photograph... Mikhail mumbled, pointing the PET in a random direction and forcing his navi to jack into the network. Note to self...lobotomize that lizard... He mumbled. I heard that!