Jack Chesman's Historical Society

"Ah! Finally all the stock is out and we are ready to open" Jack says as he looks around his new shop. The building consists of a large open room with a few smaller rooms in the back. Shelves holding all sorts of old and antique items litter the large room. Books, scrolls, furniture, nick nacks, coins, and other odd items all old and antique make up a majority of the stock.

"Inventory complete, all items accounted for."

"Excellent job rook!" jack says as he pulls his PET out from under his kimono. On his PET screen is a small room with filing cabinets lining the walls. A large Navi that is just putting the last file into one of the cabinets turns to the screen.

"Anything else you need me to do Jack"

"Actually I do have an invoice that I need to send to a collector for a few items. The file should be located in the usually spot if you could retrieve that and take it over to his computer that would be great" Jack says as he is walking to the back office. Once in the office he sits down at his computer and begins to hook up his PET to the computer.

"Now the path ways are pretty secure so you shouldn't have much trouble. While you are delivering that for me I think I will open the shop and see if those fliers I handed out attracted any customers" jack says as he finishes hooking up his PET.

"So your going to leave me to do this solo?" Rook Asks. But Jack was too excited about the prospect of finding good homes for all the antiques he had to listen. In the main room jack unlocked the door and turned the sign to OPEN. "Ah smell the history" he says as he waits to greet any customers.
Heading into the shop was a trio of children, looking around eleven. They carried bookbags and were idly chatting and laughing with each other. One of them, a girl, was taking the lead. She said "Heres the new shop I told you about." She looked about with genuine interest and an intelligent glint in her eyes. The taller boy slouched and glanced around idly "Old stuff? For our grandparents or something? Who needs this stuff in modern net society", he said as he dug in one of his ears with his pinky finger. The smaller boy scowled at the larget and said "Gin, show respect for other's dreams." The taller boy bit his lip and mumbled "Sorry. Ok."

As the children browsed about, their navis hopped from their PETs' wireless connections to the shop server. One was a too-cutesy young girl in a pink bodysuit with sunflower petals coming from around her yellow face. Another was a tall guy, maybe in his 20s, with blonde hair and a pair of shining sunglasses. A huge grin reflected light and threatened to blind onlookers. He wore a snazzy red business suit with a scarf around his neck. The last seemed to be a teenager and wore a white karate gi over his black bodysuit. He wore black belt on his waist and wild platinum hair highlighted his neon blue eyes.

The trio of navis also seemed to be browsing the virtual shop space and just enjoying each other's company.
Jack had fallen asleep at the register waiting for people to come into the shop. As the children enter the shop alittle bell sound go off as an aintique door chime rings. Jack at first slow to wake quickly perks up upon seeing the children. Jumping up he rushes upto the three children. "Welcome welcome to the Historical Society antique shop. Have you had a chance to look around. Wait what am I saying of course not you just got here." Jack is clearly excited. "Now let me see." Jack says as he scratches his beard. "Young lady I think you would like our lore and educational scrolls. We have many books written by some of histories greatest figures." Jack looks to the taller boy "You might like some of our classic pieces. Like these glasses worn by Jet Blackston a movie star over a hundred years ago." Jack looks at the shorter boy "I think ive seen you before. Ah I think it was a matial arts tournement. You might like some of our antique martial items. Like that bow staff over there a great walking stick and has been used by many master in their quest for perfection. Or maybe you would like one of the training pieces like this old wooden turn stile sparing dumby. But I digrees please have a look around and I will be here should you have any questions." Jack says as he continues to just stand their with a glint in his eye and an eagerness to answer questions.

The navi's are in a digital copy of the real store with what appears to be metool looking programs with antique looking foraging helmets on. The Programs are moving from place to place changing stock correcting labels and other general work. A sign at the digital desk says (Sorry for the incovenience but I am away on an assignment and short be back shortly Until then please have a look around - Rook.exe)
The trio turned to greet the shopkeeper. The girl gave a curtsey and said "Hello, I'm Seiko Yuki. Representative of ACDC school class 5A.", the tall boy raised from his slouch, but only a bit, he gave a half wave and said "Yo. Mitsunari Daigin." The shorter pirked up at the mention of training equipment but nonetheless followed through with protocall, giving a bow "Kobayashi Kenji, heir to the Kobayashi dojo and also of ACDC school, class 5A. Pleased to meet you, Sir."

That out of the way, the trio dispersed into the various sections, Yuki indeed looking lost over the scrolls, impressed by their authors and titles alone "Ooh, this one is hard to find.. Hokusai's Thirty Six views of Mount Fuji in wood print!" Daigin looked over to the celebrity items, showing only minor interest. Seems to have that 'I was drug here by my ear' attitude. Kenji rubbed his chin as he looked over the mook jong and decided his father had enough of them at home already. A shinto bo staff on the other hand. Hrm... Well no, he was saving up his money.

The navis looking over digital copies of what their operators were, the girl seemed equally interested "Hey AwesomeMan, Musou, check out these texts. I sure could soak up a bit of history here." The taller navi hadn't heard or pretended not to as he removed his sunglasses and tried on the more famous ones. "Hey Flower, how do I look? Even more... Awesome?", he said. The girl navi rolled her eyes and went back to the texts. Musou meanwhile was looking over the training devices. He mumbled "I recognise all this stuff.. Ken added it into my dojo program. Well, most of it. Bo staff huh?" the navi picked up the staff and felt it over, not used to using weapons. He said out through the netspace to his PET "Hey Ken, when are we going over weapons training?" Ken, meanwhile, responded seriously "Whenever you want Musou. Learning to fight unarmed was the most important first step. Weapons used with karate are extensions of your body. The bo is one of the more classic ones. You'd be surprised how many bo moves take the stances and body torques of unarmed strikes."
In the Digital Shop

Rocks begin falling from the ceiling in the digital Shop. As they pile up they slowly begin to fuse toger. At first it looks like the consistency of playdoh, but edges become more clear and color more defined as Rook finally takes shape.

"I do apologize for my absence I was on an erran for Jack. But that is not why you have come here to listen to my personal issues. Welcome to the Historical Society antique shop. I take it you have had a chance to look around at some stuff." Rook says as he steps over to the three navies. Rooks Head is barely touching the ceiling of the digital shop as he towers over the other navies.

In the Real Shop

"Well my young friends have you found anything that interests you." Jack asks as he once again aproaches them after letting them take a few minutes to look around. "Or perhaps you have something in mind we might not currently have in stock. If so then by all means let me know and I will find it. I can send my navi Rook to take care of the transactions if need be." Jack says as a beeping noise comes from the back room. "As a matter of fact I think I just heard him return to the shop from an erran I sent him on." Jack goes and checks on his PET in the back room real quick. After a few moments he returns grumbling something about Rook not finishing the task he had sent him on.

Yuki pirks up and says "Is there any chance you can get the Art of War, printed on strung wooden tiles like this?" She motions to the document she was gawking over earlier. The two boys, meanwhile, shrug. Doesn't seem to be much that interests them at the time being. Kenji would obviously be interested in a lot more if his foot wasn't currently in a cast. "Pretty.. Um. Neat place you got here, sir", the tall skinny Daigin says. Kenji, shrugs a bit and asks "I know this is obscure, but do you have any documents on Official Netbattlers? Net saviors, net agents, anything like that."

The navis all look a bit taken back by the large, imposing 'shopkeeper' and his entrance. The flashy AwesomeMan says "How much for these awesome shades, my good man?" as he motions to the digital replica of the famous ones. Flower looks back over the documents, trying to narrow down what she is most interested in. Meanwhile, Musou rubs a thumb over the bo staff as he tries to get a feel for it's weight. He looks over the big navi and wonders idly if he could take him in a fight. He finds himself subconsiously sizing up the big guy.
Real Shop

"Hm let me think. For you young lady I do." Jack says as he runs into the back. Quickly returning Jack is carrying several rolled up wooden blank scrolls. Each is rolled tightly and held fast with a single leather cord in the center. " I keep all my art of war stuff in the back" Jack says with a large grin on his face. "You see its my favorite book and I take bride in finding and restoring copies. This set here I actually restored myself. And I was saving it for someone I felt would truely treasure it." Jack says as he hands the wooden panel scrolls to Yuki. The scrolls are in great condition and the only thing that betrays the fact they were restored is the leather cord binding each scroll together. " Jack turns his head towards Daigin "Thank you young man. I Love history and the stories that come with an antique." Now for you young man", Jack says as he turns his attention to Kenji, "I actually have a large purchase from a collector that had alot of Official Netbattler items in it. My Navi was on his way to deliver the documents the collector required before he would send the items. But it would seem my navi ran into a problem on what was supposed to be a secure network. Now if you were willing to help my navi complete the delivery then I would allow you to pick what ever item out of my stock or the purchase you wanted free of charge. I will even let your Navi pick an item for his services"

Digital Shop

Rook glances over to the Tall navi with the bright smile "Those glasses are 25 zenny and all digital purchases get your operators the real item and vice versa." Rook then turns his attention to the other two. A smile can be seen on his face as he notices the kind of material the young lady navi i searching through. As his gaze stops on the navi with the gi on holding the bo staff Rook's expression goess from one of joy to a more firm expression. "Please take care in handling that staff even though it might be a digital copy it still deserves the respect that it has earned. That staff has seen countless Master in its life. Some of the greatest martial artist have used that staff in their journey to enlightment. As both a self defense tool and a trusted companion on the long hikes that took the Masters across the world. It has been well maintained and was crafted with the best wood. And I am certain that it will find its way into another Master's hands eventually."
Yuki seems pretty excited but holds it back a moment "It looks amazing. How much for it, Sir?" she asks. Daigin grins sheepishly at the shopkeepers reply, while Kenji seems pretty excited himself suddenly. "R-really? Documents on officials?! M-my school textbooks don't have more then a sentance or two and you have whole documents?! Of course I'll help you get them back", he says. Looks like he would be doing a fist-pump at the air if he wasn't holding himself up with his crutches.

Meanwhile, AwesomeMan gives the navi a sceptic look and says "Wait, did I hear you right? Twenty-Five zenni? (thats basically 25 cents. Zenni is more or less yen)." Musou scowls a bit at the shopkeeper navi. He places the staff back and crosses his arms. He clears his throat and says "So, we havn't been introduced." He waved his arm over at his female companion "This is Flower". He motions to the navi wearing the red suit "AwesomeMan", who responds with a big thumbs up and a grin. "And I am Musou. You are?" he says with an edge of annoyance in his voice.
Real shop

"for you young lady free. I want them to see a good home where they will get plenty of attention ad care. You see too many antiques dont make it to a place where they are loved and treaded right. But I think you will do well by the scrolls and give them the attention they need. As for you young man yes supposed to be alot of antique collectables on Offical Netbattlers. Ill talk with Rook real quick and we can get something going." Jack says before he heads to the back room.

Digital Shop

"My name is Rook it is nice to mean you all and yes you heard me right. You see Jack is actually kinda rich and only does this thing for a hobby. Alot of the merchandise here could sell for thousands of zenny but he has more money then he can spend. So he sells it to anyone he think will truely enjoy the item for a fraction of the real cost." Rook says ackowledges all the navies.

Rook gets a blank stare on his face for a moment. "Of course! As soon as I get a chance too. Sorry everyone seem this delivery i am on just got some push. If you would like to make any purchases speak with one of the sells programs they can help you as well. I on the other hand have to deliver this invoice to a collector here in acdc town. seems I might get some help on this one."
Yuki swoons in a geeky sort of way "This is so awesome! I've read translations and rewrites of course but never an ancient scroll!" she exclaims and then rambles on about 'did you knows' and 'some researchers speculate'. Poor Daigin, with nothing else to do winds up the reluctant listener. "Uh huh. Yeah. Cool.. Uh neat. Yep..." he grumbles.

Ken looks to his PET "Hey Musou! We got a job. Some data got held up or lost and its our job to accompany the delivery and see it through", he says.

Musou blinks and says "Huh. What kind of delivery?" Ken grins and blurts out "Stuff on Officials. This shop has everything. I guess as soon as everything is together we will be jacking into the net." Musou nodded and mumbled "Fine, I'm tired of being told what to do by rockface anyway." Ken raised a brow and asked "Wha? Rockface?" Musou shook his head "Nevermind. Not important." Ken blinked and gave a shtug "Uh if you say so Musou", he commented.

AwesomeMan, meanwhile, set up the transaction with the sales program and put on his new classy shades. "Yo, Gin. I bought us these shades. You get the pair there in the shop, I'm told." Daigin sputtered "You what?! Antique glasses?! H-How much?" AwesomeMan grinned "Awesome deal. Only twenty-five zenni. The shop navi said this guy is rich and its just for fun. Couldn't pass up the deal." The boy shrugged and picked up the glasses, sitting them above his eyes, on his forehead "Cool, I guess. Didn't really want 'em but that is a good deal." Flower and Yuki continue to squeal and chatter on about the Art of War, meanwhile.
Street lights began to dance in the sky with the sunset haze that announced Ken was late for dinner. He retrieved his crutches and struggled to made his way down the street quickly. "Man, Musou, this is like trying to fly through the monkey bars at the park", the boy complained. His navi chuckled and pointed out "But there's no sand to catch you if you fall here". Ken cracked a grin as he neared the bus stop. He noticed the last bus for the night waiting. Coming closer, the doors began to close, and Musou announced "On it", as he quickly rode from his PET on an infrared beam. Moments later, as Ken reached the doors they opened for him and he boarded carefully.

Kenji gazed back into the bus to find he was the sole passenger. Well, sole human passenger, he thought as he heard his navi return. "Thanks Musou", he said as he made his way to a seat. The navi nodded and said "No problem Sensei. But you know, we are both going to be in trouble when we get home". The bus began it's automated tri down the strip and the pair sat in silence. Ken nodded and gave a grim smile to the camera on his PET. They had no regrets, it was the most tactical decision to pull out of the mission and they had gained valuable experience and resources. Getting the data would have been nice but there was always next time, they hoped.

As the bus made it's way to the boy's stop, his navi and he silently departed, hoping thier punishment wouldn't be too severe.

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