Depressing beginnings

Jack sighed as he reclined in a chair in front of a desktop computer, furiously typing in line after line of code and data, the man a little depressed right now, his navi, Freya, had just been put into storage because of the cybeast corruption, his chip folder having gone blank and...everything just seemed to fall apart around him, the magician and puppeteer having to stop his shows for a while, his PET currently on standby.

"Come on...just a little more remodeling..." The man mumbled, pressing the enter key and sighing happily, the code transfer complete. "So's it feel to be in a human body?" he asked as he picked up the PET, a toned female figure appearing on the PET, looking around, not bothering to say a word right now, a little distraught that her friend and partner had to be boxed so suddenly.

"She'll be fine Mask...don't worry...Scilabs will make sure she doesn't self delete. We need to find a piece of a cybeast and she can be saved." He said as the female rodent looked up at her netop. "How do you know for sure? She could delete herself at any second and..." "Enough Mask, she'll be fine, trust me. I saved her once. If anyone can save her, it's the scientists at Scilabs." He said as he looked around, picking up his PET. "Let's get you into the network, ACDC is safe enough for a new navi to move around in. We have a new set of chips, so you won't have to deal with just your buster and signature attack." He said, trying to convince the navi, she only looked up at him with pleading eyes and sighed. "Lets go Jack...I need to get my mind off things. I'll miss the taste of bugfrags, but it's a small price to pay." She said, relenting as Jack pressed the confirm button on his PET, sending Mask off into the network.
Jack, having to leave his PET, quickly rushed off with a credit card in hand and ran to the chip shop so he could procure some sub-chips.
Jack quickly rushed into his house and sat down in front of his PET, panting as he did what he could to get connected back to his navi.
Jacking his netnavi out after she collapsed in the ACDC network, Jack put his PET in his pants pocket and left to get a PU upgrade for Mask, with the Zapring she had managed to get, Mask was eligible for said processor upgrade.