Alternating Views

"Well, can't say I woke up thinking we'd spend the morning busting in an oven..." Sabrina stepped onto the grass that constituted part of ACDC Park. "Oh well, we got some stuff. Especially since I went ahead and traded Arrow and FlameLine for better stuff!"

"I noticed. I'm glad Voulge'll get to use them. They're more hisstyle, anyway!"

"And WaterLine's more our style!, it's everyone's style!" Aha, a bench. A nice way to sit down in a park without getting grass stains on one's posterior. The Netopian girl took full advantage of this. "Okay, I'm getting all comfy. Tell me if you need anything, okay?"

"So, you're not at all curious about this mysterious event I signed up for?"

"It's not that, but we've been busting and stuff a lot lately...sometimes a girl just needs to sit back and relax for a while, you know?"


"Oh, and tell me if anything important happens, okay?

"Will do!"

Now, to locate the park's fabled squirrel statue...which wasn't hard, considering how pink it was. Now to aim the top of the PET towards that jack-in that. "Well, have fun, whatever it is you're getting into! Jack in! SplashLady, Execute!"

After spending who knew how long on it, Sabrina hopped up from the bench, only to stop and rub her rear end, which was apparently sore after sitting for so long. "Well, I dunno how long we were there, but I'm pretty sure it killed plenty of time. Oh well, time to blow some money on upgrades!" Whistling a nameless tune, she started a casual walk over to the MetroLine, trying to think about exactly how much she could buy with that kind of cash...and failing at anything other than 'a lot'.

And there they were, back in front of the pink squirrel. But this time, the Netopian girl chose to stand, still being a bit too tired of sitting from last time to head for a bench. "Well, SplashLady? How's it feel to have a truckload of HP?"

"Well, I think I can feel a little safer now."

"Oh, come on! It's not like just any Navi's as beefy as you!"

"...Did you just call me beefy?"

"Not like that!...Ugh, almost went for the F trifecta."

A hologram appeared on the operator's shoulder, and looked around for a moment. "Well, no one else is nearby, and I don't care, so I don't think it'd be that big a deal..."

"Nope! I was raised right! I just got caught off guard in the Navi shop, that's all!" Okay, time to shift the conversation. "Well, now that you can smash things with Water Splash, and it'll take who knows how long for them to beat you, I think we should see how we do in Chaos Net!...Actually, come to think of it, you've never been there, have you? It's been SplashMan both times."

"Uh, nope. Never been there myself."

"Well, we've got more time to kill, so let's see the sights!" Chaos Net level, selected. PET infrared sensor, pointed correctly. Dramatic pose, initiated. "Jack in! SplashLady, Execute!"

"...What?!" Back in the safety of a PET, SplashLady started reading her newly assigned mission, and apparently not liking what she saw. "Are you SURE we can't do any better than this?"

"Well, I said we were up for anything...and that's what we got. I mean, we could've done worse..."

"...I'm basically going to be a living hose. Real exciting stuff...wait, I just realized. I don't have to! This is all SplashMan's!"

"Not so fast!"

"...What? He can dish out water even quicker than me!"

"You're not thinking strategically! It's supposed to be a party, so they probably want people. And SplashMan's great, but no one's mistaking him for a human-like Navi. You, on the other hand, pretty much already look the part!"

"...Sigh. I don't have a choice, do I?"

"Nope! But don't worry, you've got a little time to think about it. I'm gonna head back to my room so I can relax!" All right, back to Yoka!

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