On the Search for the bombs

Mark checked the PET with great haste as the email alert messaged dinged loudly through his headphones. Fingers quickly typing, it was opened as his eyes scanned it faster than Trent could read it. Mark was very excited with this mission, his eyes wide at the though of it all. He felt like a little kid again. "There is one in each of the cites. Some of them I think I get, others I don't have a clue off the bat yet. Lets see if I am right about some of these, what do you think Trent?"

The military Navi broke his training and preparation to humor his over over engaged operator. "As I said before, it's a good thing all you have to do is solve the puzzles. I have to do the fighting here."

"We have to do the fighting together. You still can't do it without me, even if you wanted. You do need chips after all. Either way, I think we should head over to the ACDC clue first. I'm pretty sure I know what that one is. It seems clear enough, seeing as we used the chip trader earlier. It was a gamble indeed for us to put in those chips." Mark seemed happy in his choice of the ACDC location, and gathered his things. Trent went back to his preparation, striking stances this way and that with his knives.

Mark placed the PET on his hip, and turned of the holographic displays as he walked, letting the email file download the trigger program as he briskly walked to the chip store, once more. Mark checked in his reflection to insure his suit vest was neat and his shows shiny. A broad smile crossed his face. He hoped he was right about the fight of the clues.

Ding Ding.

A bell above the door rang loudly as Mark reentered the shop again, for the third time today. Once to buy chips, and once before that to use the machine that he thought was the object described in the first clue, the Three chip trader machine. Mark walked over to it once more, this time leaving his chips in his backpack, and isntead sliding the PET off his hip. "Think this is it Trent?"

"Makes sense," Trent answered simply.

"How do you think we go about this?" Mark asked, trying to open and figure out the trigger data that was required to start the bomb. A little green button in the trigger data showed up, enabling a wifi connection for near by bombs. "That must be the magic button," Mark said pressing it.

The sound of steel against leather rang out from the PET as Trent unsheated a bright sliver blade.

{Use Trigger.DAT near the 3 Chip trader Machine!}
If one took a good look on the back of the Chip Trader, a seemingly innocuous black device was attached to it. Upon activation of the Trigger data, however, it emitted a red light, which promptly served as Trent's introduction to the mission...

Mark gave a slightly mocking round of applause to Trent as he deleted the last of the easy wave of viruses. "Well done, Trent." He said in a much less mocking tone. Mark pulled up another display window containing his emails, and reread the email. Scilabs was still rather close to here, something that would be easy to do for the next wave of the missions. Although the puzzle was tripping him up slightly, he kept thinking it over, and repeating the phrase in his head.

Trent's voice cut through his thoughts. "We aren't getting rewards for this fighting until the end of the mission. GNA is keeping the tabs. Also got this datafrag thing." Trent inspected the area he was just fighting the invading viruses in, looking for any more long last effects or side ordeals on the PET. "Nothing seems to be out of place or order," he said upon finishing his scans.

"That's good," Mark started, "we don't want this mission or this virus bombs actually harming us in the long run. I don't think the GNA would pass out a mission that would cause lasting harm to the acceptor. Also, Datafrag? WOnder what that's for? Well, its probably part of the mission. Hold on to it." Mark stepped back from the chip machine and looked back at the email. "I still am unsure what this could be, but I guess we will find out when we go there." Mark turned on his heel and walked towards the exit.

Trent's voice rang out as the shop bell sang, "I think it has something to do with food."

Mark pondered for a second. "We have to sate it first though. Vending machine? Is there a vending machine in the Scilabs area. Well, doh, I'm sure there are plently in the area, we just need to find the exact one I guess. That little black box should be a great indicator of which one it is."

{To Scilabs}