It was a quiet and pleasant day in ACDC town, outside the chip shop, a coated individual was sitting outside in the cold...yelling at his navi...hoo boy.

Damn it you stupid navi! The man yelled at his PET, his navi taking the yelling in full and stoticly standing there in his PET, unflinching. Why the hell did you do that?! I could have sold it! Instead, you give it to some navi who won't utilize it properly! The man yelled in fury and paused to take a few breaths as the navi spoke up in a gruff and gravely voice. Enough Mike. It was for a good cause and we should be getting a different chip here the navi said as a ding indicated that a new mail had been received, the navi promptly opened it, new chip data was received and promptly downloaded to the PET.

What is it? A recover10? Mike asked stuffily, contempt in his voice. Much better than that. It's a variation on the Shockwave chip series. It's called Wavearm...first in the series. Let me check the data through the net. Download the chip into a blank and I'll enter the net. It's been quite a while since I've had a chance to explore the open net. The navi said. Mike sighed heavily as he eased up on his navi and pulled a blank chip from one of his coat pockets and swiftly inserted it into the chip receptor while jacking his navi into the network.