A mad magi

Jack walked through the park after a quick outbreak of his anger from the Chip Trader, sat on a bench and sighed. Damned trader...giving me an energybomb...I'll get back at it... Jack mumbled under his bread as he whipped out his PET and looked around for a jack in point. Lets get some zenny and chips Freya, we need everything we can scrounge together. But, getting enough for a Minibomb and Vulcan1 for the chip trader would be a good start. Jack said as he reached into his chip folder and plucked out the Energybomb, putting it in his pants pocket for "safe" storage as Freya sighed and nodded before being sent into the network.
After Freya returned to her PET safe and sound, Jack quietly got up and pulled out three chips...ready to challenge the chip trader for superiority.
Jack sat down on the nearest bench and jacked Freya into the networks, he needed more money and a couple more chips wouldn't be a bad idea.