"Yes, sir. I have visual contact." the NAXA scientist whispered into his PET. "It's awful small, and entering at a shallow angle, that's why we're having trouble tracking it."

The scientist's superior barked some orders the line, and then the phone went dead.

"Recovery procedure? Where to begin?" he said as he watched the brilliant orange fireball streak down towards the outskirts of ACDC town.


A large crater had formed from the object's impact, near the ACDC Metroplex Apartment building. "Thank God it missed the building." the scientist mumbled as he climbed down the steep lip of the crater slipping on his footing occasionally.

At last he found it, and was stunned.

The object, bizarrely enough, looked like a common cooler. What was even stranger was the fact that there was no sign of re-entry on it, no scorch marks, no stress cracks, nothing. Thinking someone was playing a practical joke on him, he turned around to continue his search for the unknown object.

He didn't even see the lid of the cooler pop open...

He did, however, turn just in time to see a darkened figure dart out of his line of sight away from the now opened cooler. He felt a sudden and intense pain coming from his lower midsection, and then without so much as a scream, like a puppet whose strings were cut, he fell to the ground, dead.

The figure dropped the spinal cord it was holding and began to ascend out of the crater...