Staring out the window of her home, Amanda sighed as she slowly looked down towards her PET, watching her Navi, Jester.exe, terrorize the progs with his fun and games as they screamed and ran from one end to the other, Jester running on top of a large metal ball.

He. Ho. Run as fast as you can~! the clown navi said cheerfully, continuing his terrorizing of the programs that controlled the alarm, game apps and the one that controlled a few minor functions...such as the clock. Jester... The blond sighed, addressing her navi. Would you stop terrorizing the programs? You remember what happened last time, right? She asked, Jester stopping mid-roll, the programs relieved as they collapsed in a heap. Awww, why so sirius Amanda? It's all in good fun, and that was an accident. Jester said a bit defensively as he looked up to his netop. Good fun...right. Amanda thought as she pointed the PET to her computer. We need some zenny, rent took what was left of our funds, enjoy having fun in the net. She said, pressing the jack-in button before Jester had a chance to say anything.