The really small apartment...

Joseph awoke to the annoying buzzing of his dark green, with yellow trim PET, that lied on the counter beside his small single bed. "Ugh... Do I really have to get up right now" He groaned, trying to hit the PET as if it was an actual alarm clock.

"Stop hitting my PET." Sparks frowned. "Wake up, Its already eleven 'o' clock. You said we were gonna bust some viruses today."

"I did... I think you're mistaken." Joseph rolled over and grabbed the small device, and starred at his navi through the screen.

"I thought you wanted to be the best... How can we be the best if we don't practice... I mean come on, we only have three battle chips." Sparks' tone became more serious.

"You're right." Joseph smiled. "Let me take a shower, and we'll log on to the net." He grabbed his cloths and went to the bathroom. He stepped into the steaming shower and quickly bathed himself. He then dried off, got dressed in his Dark green polo, slightly baggy blue jeans that were faded dark green, and his all white air force ones. "You ready Sparks?"

"Lets do this." His navi just smirked and prepared to be sent into the net.

Joseph walked over to the lap top that was sitting on the desk in the far end of the really small apartment room. He connected the cord to the the small computer. "Jack in Sparks.ext. Execute!"

This is where he went...
"What the hell happened!" Joseph yelled as Sparks returned into the PET after the mission failed.

"I made a mistake..." Sparks frowned. "Please forgive me master..."

"Nevermind... We just have more training to do that is all." Joe calmed down. "Lets go. Sparks.exe jack in!"

This is where they went