Davis' and Destin's Meeting in the Park

4:00 PM, Friday, Park B

It was midday when Destin Obscura arrived in one of ACDC's many parks. He had just finished moving from Netopia to a suburb in ACDC. The amount of culture shock that Destin experienced after settling in was not as much as one would expect, coming from such a different area as Netopia. However, the sky was still the sky, and the people were still people. Even so, Destin could never get over the fact that everything seemed to be easily infected in Electopia. He was a relatively inexperienced net-battler as it stood, but it seemed that he would learn how to survive the hard way soon enough.

On that note he had gotten in contact with his old friend Daegal Miller, or 'Zanzo' as he was called here. Daegal was originally from Netopia and grew up with friends Davis Aero and Destin Obscura. At one point Daegal wanted to head to Electopia, across the ocean, in order to become a mighty net-battler. Davis and Destin agreed to follow later on, when their studies were completed. 'Zanzo', as Daegal then called himself, became quite the experienced net-battler.

As such Daegal could become quite the teacher and trainer to Davis and Destin. His help would be invaluable in teaching them the ways of how virus hunting was done in the cutthroat realms of Electopia. However, he was currently off on assignment, and couldn't tear himself away. So until he was done, Destin would have to fend for himself. So Destin got in touch with Davis.

Davis was on the heels of Destin, arriving only a day or two later. They had registered separately the days that each arrived. After registering their Navi they each received their starting gear from Net HQ. Within a week they were horribly eager to test their skills and luck in some virus hunting. So they Emailed each other and set a date, time, and location to meet up. Now it was only a matter of time before the childhood friends joined forces once again.

The sun was still high in the sky and several children were at play. The leaves rustled in the trees as the occasional breeze danced amongst them, mimicking the general enjoyments of the current scene. Destin sat in an empty swing and waited patiently for his companion. Davis was never much to be late to something exciting, though Destin was known for arriving to an event much to early. This caused Destin to sit or stand for unknown periods of time, which he passed by daydreaming.
Davis walk silently along a path with both his hand behind his head looking straight up into the sky. a small and almost non-existent voice whispers to him "um Davis....Davis....Davis....Davis." he continues to walk not really looking where he's going or what direction he's traveling, only thought's of him missing home run through his head. Davis bumps into a young lady bouncing off her and then looking up at her "oh i'm really sorry", she looks at him with a smile and replies "oh it's ok" he continues to walk as the tiny voice echos almost helplessly in his ear "Davis....WE.....ARE...LATE..." Davis looks down at his PET and then sighs "ok...ok...ok..." i look around and then find a park with a familiar person standing there. he heads over to the person still aloof.
The lights posts around the park began to flicker as Davis approached the park swings. As he approached, Destin was snapped back into reality as his PET chimed. Destin's navi was named SINN-MBAP (or SINN for short) after Self-commanded Intercommunication Network Navigator - Multipurpose Battle Application Platform. It was a long name for a fairly simple navi. The communication that Destin and SINN had with each other was more of text and sound, than actual verbal words. This was relatively unnerving for other operators/navi's as most couldn't take the relative silence the two imposed on each other. Sometimes those same people would yell at them to speak normally to each other, but the two seemed perfectly happy with their non-verbal communication.

Destin looked up to see Davis approaching without a care in the world. Then Destin looked down at his PET and noticed the time was 4:06 PM. So Destin looked up again and slipped off the swing to stand. His PET was connected to his belt by a ripcord, so he could manipulate it a little ways from his body without loosing it to inattentiveness. He brought up his right hand to wave a little, dropping his PET in the process. The PET snapped back as the cord retracted, pinning it to his waist.

"I thought I was the inattentive one."

Destin joshed.
"YO DESTIN HOWS IT GOING" Davis walks up and slaps his hand, then yawning as a tiny greeting chimes "hello destin" Blitz's quiet voice is for the most part is almost never heard but each and every time she still makes the attempt to be polite by saying hello. "so whats up?" i shove my hands in my pockets and look you straight in the eye.
The loud greeting turned a few of the park's occupants heads. Then, before Destin could reply, all of a sudden the lights around the park turned on, no longer just flickering, even though it was still the daytime. Usually public lights were set on a timer or solar sensor so that they would turn on when it was dark. It was as if Davis' greeting generated the electricity necessary to power the system. Destin and SINN became instantly distracted by this new, unexpected development. The boisterous Davis and meek Blitz barely registered on the duo's sensors as they turned their heads from side to side in a vain attempt to both absorb what was going on, and to see what the cause was.

"What th-?"

Destin barely got out before more shenanigans ensued. The merry-go-round, which was once just a semi-harmless little metal disk with bars to hold onto, became a horrible spinner of death. The pivot point spat sparks out as the merry-go-round picked up speed. A young girl hugged the bars as tight as she could as she was in the process of almost being hurled off of the device. If she wasn't saved soon, she would get seriously hurt.
as the shocked Destin and SINN watched the young girl spin on the death wheel. dashing to save her, davis closes the distance between him and her with almost blinding speed. i leap into the air landing on the merry-go-around and without thinking i grab her into my arms and clutching her to me i take another leap of faith flipping forward and landing on top of a see-saw and look back at the death wheel. she begins to cry and rub her head and smile at her "it's ok your safe now, you in the hands of Davis Aero" he winks and continues to rub her head as she calms down. Davis looks at destin as he gently sets the girl down""COME ON DESTIN SOMEONE COULD GET HURT." Davis looks around for a port to jack into still holding the young girl hand making sure she is ok. Blitz chimes"we need to get into the net and stop this problem as fast as we can." i nod at her statement waiting for destin to get moving so we can end this problem.
The booming voice of Davis cuts through the air like a knife. Destin hears the commotion and snaps out of his confusion, clapping his hands on his cheeks to wake himself up, and shaking his head to clear the clouds. With his mind on task, the thought dawned on him that virii were at work and SINN should take the lead. He then began to look around for a place to plug his PET into. What came to his sight moments later was a large transformer box on the outskirts of the park, under a light pole, maybe twenty feet from their current position.

Pointing out the big electric power appliance to Davis, the cord on Destin's PET stretched out as Destin drew the PET from his waist with his left hand. His right hand went to the side of the PET and drew out the Ethernet cable. His feet quickly propelled Destin across the playground to the transformer. He withdrew slightly as a small bolt of electricity zapped the ground in front of him, but leapt forward afterward, aiming for the side of the transformer box, where several LAN connectors jutted out of the frame.

"SINN, Plug-in!"

The Battle of ACDC's Park B
"not bad, not bad at all." I turn and look at the little girl"you ready to go?" she nods and i pick her up and shift her to my back then i make a dash to the transformer box where destin is. i make short work of the the distance hoping over small obstacles and dodging the nasty little surprises that the virii throw at me. With a flying leap i land next to destin, setting the girl down making sure she's close to me and then grabbing my PET and reaching for the Ethernet cable"RAGING LIGHTNING, BURSTING FLASH, BLITZ LIGHTNING MAKE YOUR DASH." I plug into the one of the LAN ports.

The Battle of ACDC's Park B.
As Zanzo made his way around ACDC, he noticed his pals of old amidst a somewhat chaotic terrain. Noticing their PETs, he could only assume that this was the cause of a virus infestation and that they were dealing with it. "Hm... This ought to give them some practice..." he said to himself in a low voice, slowly approaching a tree to hide behind, relaxing as he leaned his back against it...
Park B was at this moment normal, however, the signs of viral infestation previously were clear just looking at the park. Parts of several lamp-post lamps were strewn about in a haphazard manner, as they in a sense, blew up/busted apart/whatever. The grass was scorched in a few areas. And parts of the transistors and smoldering metal fragments were around the electric generator that powered the park, where both Davis and Destin were plugged into. With a little girl holding onto Davis' leg and looking curiously up at both of the two larger men's PETs.
With the threat passed, Destin unplugged his PET from the transistor array. Their first act of busting was a success in Destin's book. Five battles was nothing to scoff at for their first run. He took a moment to survey the damage of Park B and SINN in his PET. It could have been a lot worse.
Davis jackedout Blitz with a smile as he turned to Destin "Destin man you and SINN were awesome in there, shooting and deleting like crazy HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! Oh and by the way you can take 1500 zenny and i'll take the rest."He clipped his pet back on his belt and walk over to Destin patting him on the back and smiling from ear to ear. He turns a bit looking at the area as the little girl tugs on his leg. "hey whats up?" She points to a tree with someone leaning up against it. Davis turns Destins' shoulder to look at the tree"YO ZANZO I KNOW IT'S YOU WERE YOU JUST GOING TO LEAN THERE LOOKING AT US LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW US?"
Zanzo chuckled. "Nah, but I figured I wasn't going to get involved in your business when I saw the place... I wanted to see if you two could handle it yourselves, and it seems that you got the job done." he said, extending hands out for shakes. "How long were you guys here? It can't have just been one battle... Oh, and before I forget my manners, if you guys don't have a place to stay yet, you're more than welcome to room with me in Electown."
Destin nodded and stepped forward, giving Zanzo a good shake.

"It has been a while, old friend. I already have a place here in ACDC, but I appreciate the hospitality."

He said as he turned to the side to look at Park B's generator, and his PET.

"You were right to assume that we were here for a while. My PET is saying that it has been over thirty minutes since we got here."

He turned his head back, a small smile appearing on his face.

"I can see why you came all the way here. These Net battles are quite exhilarating, as Davis can attest."

Destin frowned then.

"However, it seems quite troublesome to have so many viruses running around unchecked. I mean, is it really this bad here all the time? You would think that the government would do something about a problem this rampant."
Davis walks over to Zanzo and shekes his hand as well as patting him on the back and smiling."Hey man it's so awesome to see you. Nah i got a place to stay here which in fact isn't to far away from here.""Hello Zanzo. Davis you need to be more respectful."chirps a small voice from Davis' side. The little girl still clung to Davis' leg as she just listened to the conversation that ensued between the three. After a few minutes she begans to tear up Blitz notices and chirps at Davis"Hey Davis what about this little girl?""oh man i almost forgot."He looks down and ruffles her hair"Don't cry i'll make sure you get home safe and sound."She wipes her tears and points in a direction."Ok guys you can join if you like if not i'll just send you a email on what to do next."
Zanzo chuckled a bit at Destin's comment. "Heh, you'd be surprised how often virii go about while the NetPolice are busy with 'Rogues'. Master must have his hands full, and I'm surprised I haven't been assigned a mission lately..." he said. "...Should probably report in at some point. Meh..." he then said aloud. Afterward, he turned his attention to Davis' navi.

"Hey there. Nac would probably respond had we not only recently come back from one hell of a battle. He's still resting." Zanzo then tilted up to face Davis. "Eh. I came here to see you two; got nothing better to do than follow along." he replied.
"How about you two go ahead without me. Just be sure to email me for later. I need to finish arranging a few things at my apartment and check on my navi's programing, he overheated at the end there. See ya."

Destin said with a smile and a wave as he headed home.
Davis smiled as he and zanzo went of to escort the little girl to her home. Arriving shortly she waved by to them with a big smile and entered her home. "hey i'm glad that we made it here without any problems. So man i think we should checkout your place and get to look around the big city."He chuckled and stratched his head as he looked over at Zanzo. Blitz sat silently as the two friends caught up.
"Sounds good. We can head back to my place. It's not much, but it works." Zanzo replied, chuckling a bit as he walked on...