In a bedroom within ACDC town, sleeps a zoo keeper who is beginning to rouse from her sleep...

BEEP BEEP BEE-p... the alarmclock went as she slamed her hand down on the snooze button.

" head..." she spoke as she awoke from her sleep, her face sleepy. "Man...what a night...not gonna mix those two together again..." she mumbled as she got out of bed and started getting dressed.

"Morning mistress." a soft voice spoke, it was her netnavi.
"Morning Koumori. And, you really need to stop calling me mistress, just call me by name." She spoke a little harshly to the navi.
"I am sorry, but, I can't help it, since I was once your father's navi before you..." Koumori began before her netop grabbed the PET quickly, silenceing her immediately.
"Please, do not talk about my father, remember what happened last time?" she spoke, a rather large frown on her face.
"M-My appologies." Koumori spoke, startled at her netop. "S-So what do wish to do today Kedamono?" the navi spoke rather quickly.
"Well, I don't have work, so I guess some virus busting in ACDC, it's been a while since you've been out to fight. Let me just finish dressing and we can start." Kedamono said, getting her shirt on.
"As you wish, mistress..." Koumori said as she heard a groan from her netop.

*several minutes later in the front room*

"Alright, you ready koumori?"
"Yes, jack me in."
"alright, Jack in, Koumori." Kedamono said as she jacked Koumori into the net.
As Koumori jacked out of the net, the healing progs went right to work on Koumori.

"Well...that was interesting...we only got about 500z for two battles and the second didn't yeald much more than about two or three hundred." kedamono complained as she tossed a chip in her hand.
"It was not a very good run, I am sorry mistress." Koumori said in her usual, mechanical tone, bowing to kedamono.
"No, this is ACDC town anyways, the viruses don't drop a lot of money anyways, I just hope things get better." She said, flipping the chip into her pointer and ring fingers. "Why didn't dad just give me my inharitience once I hit 18?" kedamono thought out loud.
"I do not know, it probably isn't my place to know anyways." koumori said, looking around.
"Oh well...Might as well take a walk down to ACDC park..." Kedamono said, pocketing her PET as she left her house, locking it behind her. As she made her way into ACDC park and sat down upon a bench, looking around at the children playing. "Should have stayed in bed..." Kedamono mumbled under her breath as she rubbed the bridge of her nose, trying to make sense of how viruses even had money in the first place.
Kedamono walked off the metro and walked into her home, making sure Koumori was in the area. "koumori, I'm gonna have to hurt you for this." she sighed before connecting with the nets.
after jacking out, Koumori's processors began to slowly heal the navi, though, there really wasn't much to heal to be honest.

"I'm going to scilabs. Lets get some upgrades for you." Kedamono said, and, before Koumori could protest, Kedamono walked out, locked the door, and made her way to the metro, getting on the next one headed to scilabs.
As Kedamono unlocked the door to her house, she quickly sat down and sighed. "Well, there went my money." Kedamono sighed, looking into her account. "Seven zenny...we need to get some more money..." she sighed. "Jack me into the net." Koumori said, she already had her destination in mind. Kedamono sighed and sent Koumori into the net, hoping she can make some more money.
Koumori reached her PET safely as she rested. Kedamono needed more upgrades if Koumori was going to have a chance at the tournament, so, without *much* delay, Kedamono hopped onto the next metro and went towards Scilabs.
Walking inside her home, Kedamono flopped down onto the couch, Koumori stayed was a wonder...after being zapped like that in mid-air. Looking down at her PET screen, she saw the SP data was nearly finished.
It just needed a little more and her SP would be complete. Her eyes turning towards Koumori's prone form, she had an idea. She would extract a small portion of Koumori's core data. Just enough to complete the SP's form. So, using her PET's tools, she did just that, extracting a small chunk of Koumori's core and inserting it into the SP's chest. Data slowly reconfigured into a vieable shape, a small white bat, but more human, and with pink hair.
Her arms were actual arms and her wings, although small, were on her back. She began to stir, the SP, not Koumori, opening her eyes little by little, showing off her red eyes as she yawned widely and loudly, showing off her vamparic teeth, as she blinked and looked around curiously before her eyes settled on Koumori. Much like a duck to the first thing it sees, she instantly thought "Mama!" As she walked over to Koumori's prone form and poked her vigorously.

"Urrrgh..." Koumori said before she continued. "Five more minutes..." she said as she waved the SP off with her wing and rolled over. "Come on mama! Wake up! Wake up!" The SP chirped as she kept poking Koumori. "Wha...?" Koumori said tiredly as she managed to open her eyes, turn her head, and gaze upon the SP's face. "Buh...Wuh?" Koumori stammered, at a loss for words for the first time in her life.

"What is going on here?" Koumori asked, standing at her full hight and agitated beyond belief. The SP Kedamono had created was currently introduceing herself to the programs, given the name Momo. "Umm...well...she's your daughter Koumori. I, um, used some of your data to bring her into existance. So. In a, um, technicality. She is your daughter." Kedamono said as she gave a smile, one that pissed Koumori off more. "What did you use to create her...?" Koumori asked testily. "Ummm...well...the SP data." Kedamono said, bluntly. "W-What!?" Koumori half yelled, showing her anger. "She'll be useful! Don't worry! You just need to fight battles with her and she'll become stronger!" Kedamono said defencively. "Rrrgh. Fine. I'll take her out onto the net. May as well see what she can do." Koumori said as she took the hand of her "daughter." "Come with me Momo. I'm going to show you how battles are fought." She said testily. "Yaaay~! Mama is going to teach me!" Momo said with enthusiasm as the duo headed into the net.
Koumori, returning to the PET, and getting a quick healing from the programs of the PET, she quickly jacked into the net again, heading towards net square.
After Koumori and Momo managed to get back to their PET, Kedamono rushed out of her home, after locking the door behind her, and ran onto the metro, heading towards Scilabs.
*several hours after the kidnapping incident*

"Damn it all. I-I just can't find any way to get Koumori back. I really should have taken those navi development classes." Kedamono mumbled to herself as she looked over many doodles she had made, attempting to make a plan to try and get Koumori back as a small ringing noise came from her PET, obviously E-mail. "Better check that, might be something important." she mumbled, picking it out of her pack. "Hmmm?" She said as she read the sender's name before reading it.

Hey sis, it's me, Tucker, Koumori came in a few hours ago and is currently under heavy lock and key. Luckily, I managed to sneak Blizz into their servers before hand, attempting to have him rescue Koumori. Things went from bad to worse in a hurry as they saw him and his rescue attempt. Attached are the programs you had installed into Koumori, I'm sorry I couldn't rescue her, but, this makes us even for several years ago.

"Thanks bro..." Kedamono sighed as she downloaded Koumori's upgrades from the compressed file attached to the E-mail. "Now I just need a navi to download them into..." she said, sighing again while unknown to her, a pair of eyes was staring at her from her computer screen.

*a couple hours earlier*

Finally, hacked into the home page...I can just hope that it's virus free. The crystalline figure thought to herself as she made her way to Kedamono's homepage, closing the path behind her as she did. Alright then. Time to check out my potential netop. She thought to herself as she began to peer though Kedamono's computer screen, spying upon her.

*The present*

I have seen enough, she is hopeless without a navi, I do feel her sadness though, I shall give her my proposition. the navi thought as she pulled up a white text box on the computer and began putting down what she wanted to say. A few minutes passed before she sent the box to Kedamono's PET through a wireless router.

"Hmm? What's this?" Kedamono said as she began to read the text box that had been sent to her.

I know how you are feeling and I wish to help you get your navi back, if at all possible. I myself am a navi and, if you download me into your PET and allow me to become your net navigator, I will do as you wish. Please, respond with a yes or a no, verbally. Then hook your PET to your computer, if you do accept me as your new net navigator, I am within it at the moment. The name is Yukika.EXE. Please, consider this wisely.

I've been spied on? How long? It doesn't matter, I have nothing to hide either way, but, wow, a rogue navi asking to become my net navigator. How many times has that happened? And, well, it does seem to not be a threat to me, I don't want a commercial normal navi though, and I don't have the prowess to crate a custom navi of my own. I guess I could allow this navi into my PET, it seems I have no choice on this matter. Kedamono thought before making her derision. "Alright, Yukika, my answer to you is...yes." Kedamono said as she began to hook her PET up to the computer.

After a quick download and installation of Koumori's old upgrades, Yukika was functioning at the same level of power that Koumori originally had. She quickly created another text box in order to express her gratitude. "Thank you for letting me become your navi. I wish I could express my thanks further, but, I guess being your navi is enough, correct?" Yukika had "typed", getting used to her new home in the process. "Y-Yes, I thank you for becoming my navi, but, do you not have a voice?" Kedamono asked as she finished reading Yukika's text. "No, I unfortunately don't have a voice, I wish I did, but I will have to make due with text boxes for now, at least until I can speak." Yukika replied. "Oh well, not everyone can speak, I understand. How about you go on a test run in ACDC net? As to get your feet wet as a combat navi under the aid of a netop?" Kedamono said, replying quickly to the mute navi. "I do not have feet, but, I guess I could get used to being a net navigator. Please, um...what is it that navi's say? "Jack me in"?" Yukika replied. "Yes, the term is Jack In. Alright, I'm sending you in now. Jack In, Yukika.exe, execute!" Kedamono said, jacking in her new navi into the network.