The Rail is Boring

Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That's about the only sound I heard when I rode the rail to ACDC Town, one place I hadn't been to before I got my new shiiiiny NetNavi, Eternalis.EXE. Who is sitting in my PET in my hands right now.

"Bored, Harke?"
"Yeah. I wish I could jack into something in this train, but seems like there's frankly nothing."
"Don't rush it, I'm new to this, you know? Being out in the big net, huh... Never been outside of the labs."
"Never mind, we're here."

Whiiirrrrrrrrrr. Again with the noise. I hate it. Bah. Never mind. I stepped out of the cold interior of the train, out through the train station into the wide open air. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the fresh air.

"Man, this feels better."
"I thought you hated the outside."
"I hate air-conditioners more than the outside. Right, let's go find somewhere to jack in."
I spotted a little kid with a PET in his hand and called to him.
"Hey, kid! You know where I can jack in here?"

The little kid, looking at me, pointed wordlessly to a squirrel-shaped statue in the middle of the town park. I looked at it with unease. Kinda creepy to have something like that in a park. Or maybe it was to attract the squirrels, which I saw were happily running about the statue. How strange...

"Found a place to jack in?" my new Navi asked.
"Yeah, over there, that squirrel statue." I walked over, and true enough, there was a place to jack in.
"So, you ready, Et?"
"Itching to go, Harke. C'mon already!"
"Alright, alright." I pointed at the statue with the PET in my hand.

"Jack In, Eternalis.EXE, Execute!"
Okay, I jacked out. So now I get to do this mission, right? Eternalis said to his operator as soon as he was back in his PET.
Pretty much, yeah. It said to go to SciLab, and we gotta bring this "unwnvrs.dat" file I downloaded, Harke replied.
Okay, so get in the rail already.
Did I mention I hated the rail?
You did a few minutes ago.
Then I will repeat it again.
..... I'm going to go play this visual novel while you go bitch with yourself.
What?! You got a new one?!
Get in the freakin' rail.
The rail is boring, I can say that. Man. How many times have I had this thought anyway. It's like I'm preprogrammed to hate things on rails. What the hell is wrong with me today. Ah heck. Back to good ol' ACDC. Heh, Et will like that.

Harke slipped his hand into his pocket and took out his PET to check on his Navi. He was surprised to see the screen inactive, since in the rail, Eternalis would be sure to go play a visual novel while he complained to himself.

Hey, Et. You awake or something?
Then, there was a gasp from the speakers of the PET. The screen lit up, showing his Navi in the new override he had just got at SciLab. What do you want?
Oh, nothing.
Then why did you bother me? Oh, this GMO is pretty sweet, though. Great design and all.
Harke smiled at the screen. Well, I thought you'd get all stuffy and junk in all that armor, so I got you this.
The dark blue Navi turned around and posed a little. Yeah, it's pretty comfortable to be in.
Just then, the rail stopped and the doors opened. Harke rushed out of the door and out of the underground station. He stopped in front of the entrance, threw back his head and inhaled deeeeeeeeply.

Ahhhhhhh! Smell that fresh air!
Sigh... I just don't understand you at all. Eternalis looked around and saw the place where his operator jacked in the last time they were here. So, the squirrel, then?
Pretty much. Harke walked over to the squirrel statue, pondered the uses of a pink squirrel, and immediately jacked in afterwards.

Jack In, Eternalis.EXE, Execute!